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Tuner Culture


Tuner culture is comprised of automotive enthusiasts who enjoy customizing vehicles to look and perform differently than they did when they rolled off of the assembly line. "Tuning up" a car generally implies that its mechanical performance will be enhanced, but in tuner culture, the term can apply to improving mechanical performance, adding unique aesthetic touches, or both.

The History of Aftermarket Modifications

The perception that car tuning is a recent phenomenon is fueled by the explosion of aftermarket vehicle modifications over the past 20 years. Similar to other automotive niche markets, the tuner market has flourished for three main reasons: the acceptance of racing car culture into popular culture, the wide availability of tuning parts online, and an increase in tuner shops.


However, aftermarket vehicle modifications are not new. From a historical perspective, the "golden age of car tuning" occurred between the start of World War II (WWII) and increasing air pollution restrictions by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During this time period, tuner products could be created without considering their impact on the environment.

Thanks to recent advancements in green automotive technologies, tuning up a car for enhanced driving performance can now be accomplished in a relatively eco-friendly manner, although many tuner parts (e.g., tire rims, muffler vibrators, and cabin replacement parts) have little to no impact on the environment whatsoever, and can be implemented without causing any pollution.

The Impact of Racing on Tuner Culture

Tuner culture is primarily inspired by racing culture. This is why many tuner parts provide the vehicles that contain them with the general look and feel of a "race car," but one that is street legal and not bound to perform on racing courses. In fact, most cars that are tuned up with aftermarket modifications never enter races. Rather, they are typically driven for pleasure.

This fact is largely responsible for the many types of modifications car enthusiasts seek. While implementing modifications is often done to enhance driving performance, it is done nearly as often to create race car inspired aesthetics that make a vehicle stand out from the pack. For many tuners, the ultimate goal is to optimize a car from the inside out, starting under the hood.

How Enjuku Racing Supports Tuner Culture


In business for nearly 15 years, Enjuku Racing was inspired when its owner set out to customize the look and performance of his Nissan sports car, and realized the need for better availability of tuner parts. Today, our dedication to racing inspired tuner modifications is as strong as ever. We supply a wide range of aftermarket customization components, including:

  • Wheel rims
  • Window treatments
  • Special hoods
  • Muffler parts
  • Intake valve components
  • Turbo drives

We offer these parts and others for a broad variety of vehicles, including models from Nissan, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Scion and Toyota. If you own a car for which we supply tuner parts, make us your online destination for all of your tuning needs. If you need parts that we don’t have in stock, simply contact our Sales & Order Line department toll-free at (888) SR20DET, and we will help you acquire the components you need.