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Xcessive Cast Intake Manifold for KA24DE

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    • This Xcessive intake manifold for the KA24DE motor is comprised of all new U.S.A. made castings.
    • On the flow bench, the KA24DE manifold features stock head and valves at .340" lift, a 28" H2O vacuum, a stock intake of 190 CFM, an Xcessive intake with a stock throttle body of 217 CFM (14% increase), and an Xcessive intake with a Q45 throttle body of 228 CFM (20% increase).
    • Includes modified injector bosses to accept Bosch style 14mm O-ring top feed injectors without special spacers on the tip. This allows the injectors to sit lower in the manifold for maximum hood clearance. Yes, the stock injectors and side feed rail still fit!
    • Made with our own custom designed runners and a lowered plenum for better flow and fit.
    • All hardware included, including a reinforced thermal gasket.
    • Optional velocity stacks.
    • Secondary injector bosses for fuel, NOS, and water/meth. The parts are machinable in house.
    • Increased flow (20% with optional Q45 throttle body and 14% with stock TB).
    • Porting and gasket matching is available in house.
    • Q45 or other custom throttle body flanges are available.
    • The top feed injector (14mm O-ring) fitment without adapters.
    • Stock injector fitment with supplied O-rings.
    • Optional IAC.
    • Tech support and product support from the original designers and builders.
    • Molded velocity stack plate and billet rail also available.
    • Full lifetime warranty (see warranty info).

Xcessive Intake Manifold

When you need horsepower, you have to get Xcessive. This intake manifold gives your KA24DE motor the fuel/air flow it needs for more power. Race-engineered for durable performance, it’s the right choice for your racer or a daily driver that you want to turn heads with.

Get More Horses

An Xcessive intake manifold is a serious performance upgrade that will require some customization. New injector O-rings are provided for using stock style rails and injectors. Top feed rails may require some adjustment of the rail standoffs to accommodate the mounting. You will need to retain your stock temp sensors as well. The stock IAC/AAC will not be used, so if you would like to retain the IAC/AAC we offer a remote mount kit. Adjustment of the throttle blade will be required to adjust the idle if the IAC is not used. Consult a trained automotive technician if you have any assembly questions.

At Enjuku Racing we’ve taken pride in offering the highest quality performance products on the market for over a decade and a half. Call our trained staff at 888-SR20DET with any questions or concerns. Order your Xcessive intake manifold today from Enjuku Racing.


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