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Wisefab Front S13 Steering Angle Kit FD Legal

WF013 FD
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For race car aficionados, free drifting is one of the most exciting driving maneuvers. The Wisefab S13 angle kit is for drivers with a Nissan S13 model who aspire to drive competitively or simply free drift while pleasure driving. With this package, you get the primary components you need for a steering angle upgrade that’s made just for the track.

Steering and Control

With parallel steering, high roll center, camber control, steering jacking control, and self-alignment torque, the Wisefab S13 angle kit allows you to more steering wheel control, minimal bump steer with high steering angles, and less handling issues.

Order Your Kit Today

Our Wisefab S13 angle kit is a great choice for S13 drivers who love to free drift. Just be sure to consider the following points before ordering and making installation plans.

  • Installation depends on rim width and ET. Wider fenders or fender flares may be needed. 15” original rim could be used if needed.
  • With tire diameter not bigger than 605mm (215/40R17) and lowered ride height, the inner wheel wells don’t have to be modified.
  • With tire diameter up to 635mm (215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/40R17, 225/40R18, etc.) and lowered ride height, the inner wheel wells need to be slightly modified.
  • Recommended backspacing is 135-140mm (7“ ET45, 8“ ET35, 9“ ET25). If ET is smaller, wheels stay more outward. If ET is bigger, spacers must be used.

This Wisefab S13 kit is designed and manufactured so that after installation and toe adjustment, it’s ready to use right away. Use this kit to get the steering angle you need maximize free drift performance as you race around the track.

**Main Difference is FD Kit includes Top Hats for Coilovers. **


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