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Tweakd Performance 2JZGTE into 240SX Engine Swap Plug & Play Harness

$1199 (CALL! 352-241-8399)
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Tweakd Performance LLC


Brand new 1JZGTE into Nissan 240sx engine wiring harness - IN STOCK!

This listing is for a brand new 1JZGTE engine harness swap into the Nissan 240sx. It is in stock, in the box, and ready to ship! NO WAITING LIST! These wiring harnesses are built using new wire, new OEM terminals, and new OEM connector housings. Designed for use with the JDM ECU (High impedance injectors, MAP and IAT sensor, no MAF wiring) The only used connectors on the harness are the plugs that connect to the body harness which are taken from original core harnesses.

Also available for auto or manual transmission (auto is $200 extra). There is a core charge of $285.00 for the original 240sx wiring harness. You may send in your core harness ahead of time to avoid the $285.00 core charge, or we will refund the core charge to you once you have returned the original engine harness to us. (Please note that core harnesses must be returned within 30 days of receipt of your new harness in order to receive the refund!) The harness is pre-wired for a tachometer and speedometer adapter to get your factory gauges working. We also have the adapters available for purchase for $160 for both units.

Several looming options are available including braided sleeving and extreme-duty heatshrink looming for the ultimate in harness protection and a clean show-car look (custom looming options add an additional one week lead time):

Standard Looming:



Braided sleeving:  (+$160.00)



Extreme-duty heatshrink looming: (+$160.00)



MIL-SPEC firewall connector: (+$350.00)






Superior Knowledge Base

Here at Tweak'd Performance we didn't just jump into building wiring harnesses for some engine swap that we've never even seen. We're gearheads, just like you. We are "the" Toyota engine swap guys. We've been where you are, looking at our own cars with that gleam and that thought, the inspiration of what could be. We've done the swaps, we've experienced the problems, we've found solutions, we've driven the cars. We have designed our engine harnesses and conversions from the ground up to make these swaps go faster, smoother, and have a cleaner, more reliable end result.

Superior Design and Production

When we design a new wiring harness, we don't just take a factory setup and replicate it. We've found that in many cases engine harnesses for cars in the US are simply "extended" versions of harnesses from RHD cars. So when it's time to design a harness for your engine swap, we take a fresh look and see all of the improvements that we can make over the factory harness. That means routing the harness so that it's tucked out of the way, making for a cleaner engine bay. It means simplifying overly complicated harnesses and eliminating unused or unneeded circuits for your particular swap. It means using higher quality loom protection where we've seen problem areas on OEM factory harnesses. It means using the highest quality connectors, terminals, and wire. It means offering special upgrades like braided sleeving, extreme duty heatshrink looming, and MIL-SPEC firewall connectors. It's not just a new harness built to factory spec. It's a TWEAK'D harness, redesigned, refined, and perfected for modern, high-end engine swaps.

Superior Quality Control

We don't just build a harness and ship it off. Every harness we build is laid out on our tried-and-true harness jigs to ensure a perfect fit every single time. Every detail is checked to make sure that your wiring harness is built to our standards. We don't ever send a harness to a customer unless we would happily install that on our own engine swap for our personal car. Then not one, but two engine swap experts doublecheck every single terminal, connector, and wire on your harness to make sure every circuit has perfect continuity. While we all know that mistakes aren't impossible, we ship every one of our harnesses with full confidence that you, our customer, will never need to use our unbeatable LIFETIME warranty.

Here at Tweak'd Performance we've been doing plug and play wiring conversions, custom engine harnesses and wire tucks for over 9 years. We pride ourselves in supporting our product for LIFE. If you ever have a problem with any of our wiring work, we'll either help you diagnose and fix the problem over the phone or email, or we will cover shipping both ways and repair it for free!


Please Note:

Most Harnesses are in stock and ready to ship, certain harness options may add up to two weeks lead time. when placing an order for a harness(phone only) there are many options available, pricing listed reflects basic harness with no additional options, final price and availability may vary. 


Core Harness Policy: A core harness must be sent in to avoid the $285.00 Core Charge, persons who do not have a core harness will option to pay the $285.00 extra charge.


Please Call Us at: 352-241-8399 for more information or to order to ensure harness accuracy


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