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ISR Performance V2 Manual Boost Controller

4 Star Rating


ISR Performance V2 Manual Boost Controller

ISR Performance V2 Manual Boost Controller.

Features easy adjustment, high flow valve, precise control and quicker spool up.

A great alternative to more expensive electronic boost controllers. Can be mounted inside car, or under hood.

** All ISR Performance Products are Designed for Off Road Use Only **


  1. Good bang for the buck

    Posted by Paul Sanchez on

    Bought this boost control as a cheap way to get my boost up. install was simple and its easy to use. was a good buy while I saved up for a better one.

  2. Good bang for your buck

    Posted by Unknown on

    I got my boost controller a few months ago and it works flawlessly, very easy to use and very easy to install. For $30 you can't go wrong

  3. Simple

    Posted by william patty on

    For the money it's a good product took no time to install

  4. Good and simple

    Posted by christopher glaser on

    Good item simple to use and install. Cheap effective way to raise you boost.

  5. Spend your money wisely.

    Posted by Alberto Alvarez on

    I am currently running the ISIS V2 mbc and the only good thing i can say about it is that it functions (barely) and only after a lot of hassle. Everything about this kit could be improved and thats why i gave it 2 stars, just not cost effective!

    1. Mounting is OK not estheticly pleasing but sturdy. Mounting screws are garbage, i stripped the threads on both and just used some self tapping screws i had laying around at home.

    2. Vaccum lines are included which is very nice. (hardly worth mentioning since most other mbc come with it)

    3. Included are some brass fitting with two different angles and two plugs. (teflon tape is needed when installing these or they can leak)

    OK, now to the meat of the subject

    4. The Boost Controller itself. Its very nice looking dial on top but there is no markings to figure out how much you are changing, not that it matters much because 99% of the time its either fully opened of fully closed. (You'll only make 10 PSI which is VERY frustrating and VERY hard to dial in) There is a TINY portion of the dial that will effectively control boost which means you cannot control boost in very small increment. ...ooh and before i forget the dail is backwards, turning towards the (+) turns the boost down and the (-) will turn the boost up. The bottom of the boost controller has 4 ports, only 1 of which goes to your boost source, 1 of the other 3 goes to your wastegate actuator and some don't work as well as other so.... good luck. On my application i couldn't get the port with the arrow to work with the 90 degree fitting. Just save yourself some money and save up for a high end ball/spring type mbc.

  6. D1SL Sil80 ISIS VS MBC

    Posted by Donnie on

    solid device does whats needed and in car mount option is very cool!

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