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Injector Dynamics- SR20DET Injectors, 11mm

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Top Feed Injectors for Rails with 11mm Injector Openings

     Injector Dynamics is renowned worldwide for manufacturing the highest performing and most tuner preferred fuel injectors available on the market today. What separates Injector Dynamics from the rest is their revolutionary dynamic data technology. Lesser quality fuel injectors are typically flow tested only along a static range; the injector is held open and maximum flow is metered, a method that poorly recreates real world conditions and has zero compensation for dynamic range. Injector Dynamics tests all of their injectors across the entire dynamic pulsewidth range. Once each injector is dynamically tested, a computer matching process optimally batches each injector set to match within 1% dynamic flow rate with an offset variance of +/- 20 microseconds. This tight matching allows the use of high flow rate injectors without sacrificing idle, off idle and cruise quality while ensuring that individual injectors respond properly to atmospheric and voltage compensations from the ECU. All matched sets of Injector Dynamics products include dynamic flow test data including flow and offset values from 8 to 16 volts across the full pressure range in 5psi increments. Each injector set also ships with full dynamic characterization curves with raw flow vs. pulsewiths, offset corrected flow, linearity curves and pressure sensitivity plots. Injector Dynamics is virtually the only injector manufacturer in business today that can provide these types of data to their customers and tuners. Better data equals more consistency and a more accurate performance calibration when tuning your car for big power.


      These are top feed injectors that are designed to be utilized with aftermarket top feed conversion kits, corresponding with either 11mm or 14mm fuel rail openings. These are NOTcompatible with the stock side feed SR20 fueling setup.



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