ER Spec Mazda FC Rx7 Roll Cage

ER Spec Mazda FC Rx7 Roll Cage


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This 85-92 Mazda RX7 (FC Chassis) roll cage is ideal for drift driving. The roll cage features sturdy DOM steel in its construction. The main hoop and roof hoop are wider than hoops on most cages, and they hug the car’s chassis perfectly.

There are several mandatory steps necessitated by this roll cage. The interior car panels must be removed for this cage to fit, the cage is meant to go through the dash, and the  dash bar is included with this kit to further reinforce the cage. The windshield runners fit in between the dash and the door. The roll cage also includes a diagonal and 2-piece crossmember for the main hoop.

If you’d like to add more strength to your ER spec cage, you can choose your preferred type of dimple plates when ordering. The dimple plates feature dimensions of 24” x 6” x 1/8”.

Since these cages are weld-in, not pre-notched, they aren’t ideal for owners who want bolt-in builds. We recommend that these cages be installed by a professional fabricator, experienced with installing roll cages.

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A roll cage for your FC Rx7 is important if you’re thinking about modifying it for drifting. If a drift goes bad and you start to roll, this cage could save your life. While it is recommended you get professional help installing and implementing this roll cage, you can contact us if you have any questions about this product and its expected performance. Order your roll cage today!

Cage Material:

DOM Tensile Stength = 70,000psi 
Diameter (in) 1.50
Thickness (in) 0.095
ID (in) 1.31
Cross Sect. Area (in^2) 0.42
Tensile Strength (lbs) 29,352
Weight (lb/ft) 1.426 lb


** Cages Are Built to order and can take ~1 week to build and ship **

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