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Energy Suspension Bushing Kit for Nissan 240sx

5 Star Rating

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Suspension bushing is to a car’s suspension system as cartilage is to the joints in our body. Cartilage provides cushioning between joints, and bushing provides cushioning between joints that connect the suspension system. Bushing is also like cartilage because it compresses and offers less cushioning over time. Fortunately, replacing bushings is easier than restoring cartilage. All you need is a suspension bushing kit that’s made for your vehicle.

What You Get in the Kit

This suspension bushing kit for Nissan 240SX gives you all the parts you need to replace bushings in your car’s suspension system and help restore the responsive driving your vehicle offered when it didn’t have so many miles on the odometer. These parts comprise a master Nissan suspension kit that’s ideal for 240SX models that have over 100,000 miles on the current suspension system. The bushings are made of dense, durable polyurethane for improved stiffness, less slope, and less movement—three things that help restore the nimble, sporty performance of your 240SX that’s so prized among drivers.

Kit Includes : 

  • Front Control Arm Bushings 
  • Front Strut Rod (Tension Rod) Bushings
  • Front Sway Bushings and End link bushings
  • Rear Sway Bar Bushings and End Link Bushings
  • Rear Control Arm Bushings 
  • Tie Rod Dust Boots

Note : Rear Subframe Bushings and Steering Rack Bushings are SOLD SEPARATELY 

  • Rear sub frame bushing set # 7.1117
  • Steering rack & pinion bushing set (with power steering only) # 7.10104


Order Your Kit Today

This master bushing kit for the 89-94 Nissan 240SX is an efficient, economical way to tighten up your vehicle’s suspension and add overall better response under all driving conditions. Place an order for the kit today, and get ready to revitalize the suspension system in your sporty 240SX.




    Posted by ROBERTO LOPEZ on

    Awesome kit, pain in the ass to install it but worth all the pain.

  2. great price great upgrade

    Posted by KevinNC on

    I didn't buy the whole kit. I got the front control arm, rear control arms and the steering rack bushings. This is a very labor intensive process but well worth it. I would recommended doing some research online and get an idea of the process and get your tools together. Also I would highly recommended installing grease fitting with a whole threw the rubber bushings it makes servicing them latter so much easier. There is a few write ups online about it.

  3. well worth it

    Posted by Troy on

    Great product. Pain in the butt to install but worth the time

  4. S14 ES Poly Master Kit

    Posted by SuperBlackS14 on

    Pros: Well made, good instructions, replaces your sloppy, beat old bushings.

    Cons: Periodic lubrication, very labor intensive install.

    Bottom Line: I would absolutely recommend this to S-Chassis Owners. Great product.

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