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Circuit Sports Dual Post LED Position Lights - Nissan 180SX Type-X

2 Star Rating

Buy in bulk and save


Circuit Sports front bumper position lights for 180SX Kouki S13 lights will enhance the aesthetic look of your car by using clear lenses. All bulbs will be able to transmit light easier to give you a clean and stylish look. You will not have the foggy lenses like OEM lighting. Why pay twice as much for OEM but get twice as more with circuit sports lighting products.

* A light wiring set is provided (free of charge). It will need to be customized to fit. LED set included. * Sold in pairs*



  1. Same as previous review

    Posted by Jake H. on

    All bulbs were white lights and no amber, not very bright and all sockets we 4 prong when two 3 prongs were needed. The lenses look good and fit well though.

  2. Almost, but not quite

    Posted by Jason Martin on

    Great idea for those using the VIS B speed bumper: turn signal and position light in one lens. A few problems: mine came with 4 white bulbs (not 2 white, 2 amber), and only 3 of those worked. All 4 of the sockets are 3 prong, yet the lens has 1 3 prong and 1 4 prong socket, so you just have to kind of stuff the 3 prong into the 4 prong and hope it stays. The bulbs are NOT bright at all and the ambers require ballast resistors to flash normal (not included). Ive ordered some much brighter amber bulbs, so we'll see how that looks. Otherwise, they look great mounted in the bumper!

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