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Chase Bays Tucked Aluminum Radiator - Nissan 240sx S13/S14

5 Star Rating

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The Chase Bays Tucked Radiator for Nissan 240sx (we're finding that it fits many more chassis than just 240sx/Silvia) Often referred to as our tucked radiator or under core support radiator. We've designed this to fill every bit of space under the core support while still being able to run (1) 10" fan and (1) 12" fan or (2) 12" fans if using our optional shroud. This radiator requires some light cutting of the front core support. We wanted to make the radiator as large as possible while staying under the core support. To accomplish this we had to cut into the chassis a small amount.

This radiator is designed for those wanting to open up space in their crowded engine bays. Especially the Inline 6 and V8 swapped chassis. No matter what engine you have, our radiator setup is an upgrade. The less clutter in your engine bay, the less stressful it is to work on. This radiator has been idle traffic tested and track tested on the notoriously hard to keep cool 1JZ/2JZ, RB, and GM LS engines.

All Aluminum Construction.
Every radiator is pressure tested for leaks.
Mounts under your core support for more clearance and less clutter.
Optional outlets, -16AN or OEM style.
Upper/Lower outlets can be placed on either the driver or passenger side of radiator.
Dual pass design.
Dimensions: 27 1/8" x 13.5" x 3"
Works great with the tight clearance of LS series, 1JZ/2JZ, RB, and any other V8/Inline 6 Engine.

This radiator is slightly smaller in height but wider in width. We made the end tanks as small as possible to keep the core at its largest. This radiator is a dual pass design which is extra cooling punch.

What's dual pass design? This simply means the coolant passes through TWO times instead of ONE. Which, even more simply put means TWICE the cooling and half the size. Both inlets are on the same side of the radiator and a plate is welded inside between the two inlets. The radiator has two L brackets on each side that you bolt to your core support. This radiator doesn't use any of the OEM radiator mounting points, and it's easier to install and un-install.

The next step is fill point and hoses. Hoses first. For hoses you have the option of -16AN or OEM style outlets. If you choose -16AN, we can provide you with the hose and fittings. We can even assemble it for you to your specs. And if you need assistance figuring out how to set it up, we're just an email and/or a phone call away. If you go with OEM style hoses sometimes the stock upper or lower hose will work, usually not both. For OE style outlets we do not make hose kits. Depending on your setup one or both OEM hoses may work, if not its best to take some measurements once the radiator is mounted and head to the auto parts store to find a matching hose.

Since the top of our radiator sits about 8" to 12" lower than the OEM, we have to make a new fill point. The first step is getting an inline filler neck, listed below are some the links to our inline filler necks. The way you setup the filler neck could make your hose selection easier. We can help you with this too; we're full of ideas.


You will also need fans. You can run (1) 10" fan and (1) 12" fan or (2) 12" fans if using our optional shroud (HIGHLY RECCOMENDED). We have the option to add it to your order at the bottom of this page. We use PERMA-COOL brand fans! 10" fans are rated at 1,450 CFM each and 12" fans are rated at 1,650 CFM each!

As a general rule of thumb, follow these minimum cubic feet per minute (cfm) ratings when using an electric fan as the primary cooling source on a basic engine:

  • 1,250 cfm for a 4-cylinder
  • 2,000 cfm for a 6-cylinder
  • 2,500 cfm for a 8-cylinder


MAKE SURE you use RUBBER WASHERS or RUBBER SPACERS between the radiator and chassis mounts to eliminate risk of voltage running through the radiator. This can cause pinholes where the core is brazed to the end tanks on the radiator, especially if the system shorts out when you're working on the car.


  1. awesome tucked rad

    Posted by anthony on

    So I ve been eye balling this rad for a while now I was gonna get one for 2j s13 but decided against it well I am almost done building my 2j s14 kouki and went ahead and purchased one let me start by saying amazing fits so well and I have so much room even with the 2j and plan on replacing the one on my 2j s13 with one great quality great welds

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