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Chase Bays Charging/ Grounding Harness, Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

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Chase Bays Charging/Grounding Harness, Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

One of the first few things we noticed about the FR-S/BRZ charging and grounding system is how much we could improve on the design. The Chase Bays Charging/Grounding Harness takes the bad design of the OEM system from mediocre to great.  This will also improve aesthetics greatly, and save about a pound of weight.


The Chase Bays Charging/Grounding Harness allows your electrical system to perform at it's absolute best. Every ground and power in your cars wiring harness relies on this charging and grounding system to function at full capacity. With hundreds of sensors, switches, relays, and fuses…there is no room for failure. This product was engineered specifically for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. We've added an additional 2 grounding points to the harness, anything more netted zero improvement under any and all further electrical loads. Being that this kit was designed on an actual FR-S/BRZ chassis…it ensures that all wire gauges are optimal for amperage and current travel distance.

  • Highest quality heavy duty wire. We couldn't find a higher quality wire!
  • 4 gauge wire used on all positive charging cables
  • 4 gauge wire used on battery to chassis and battery to transmission. 8 gauge wire used on battery to engine and battery to alternator bracket. 
  • Each terminal is crimped and soldered, you could pick up a car with these. 

Why not 2 gauge wire, or even 0 gauge wire?

Good question. A common misconception with battery cable is that bigger is better. This is not true. To best explain this, we'll use an analogy. Think about the same amount of moderate water pressure going through a 1/2" hose, a 1" hose, and a 4" hose. The flow speed is going to be the same on the 1" hose and 4" hose, but more than likely higher on the 1/2" hose. However, with the flow speed being higher on the 1/2" hose…it is flowing less water through than the 1" and 4" hose. Think of the 1" hose as the 4 gauge wire, and the 4" hose as 0 gauge wire. No difference in flow, all you get is a bigger and harder to manage hose. 


What's in the box?

(1) Grounding Cable w/ 4 ground leads coming off battery side

(1) Charging Cable



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