ACT 6 Puck Solid Hub Clutch 93+ Mazda RX-7

ACT 6 Puck Solid Hub Clutch 93+ Mazda RX-7


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The ACT clutches are one of the most popular choices for the RX-7. The Racing 6-Puck version (ZX3-HDR6) clutch has an sprung hub disk with Heavy Duty Pressure Plate over the factory clutch. Road racers and street enthusiasts will especially benefit from the new ACT disc as driveline shock is reduced and clutch spline life is increased through torsional and frictional dampening. The springs provide an added benefit of reducing noises from the gears in the transmission. ACT’s ceramic friction material has been proven in virtually all types of racing for extreme heat tolerance and high torque capacity.

This kit includes these components:
MZ-011 - Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
4P240H - 6 Pad Sprung Hub Race Disc
RB600 - Release Bearing
PB1013 - Pilot Bearing
AT03 - Alignment Tool
Torque Capacity: 514 ft/lbs.

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