Accel-DFI Thruster EFI Engine Management System

Accel-DFI Thruster EFI Engine Management System


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Thruster EFI is an entry level EFI system for the masses. Whether you have a 200HP or a 1200HP engine, Nitrous, Turbocharger or Supercharger the system is capable of running it.

  • The Only True Aftermarket Volumetric Efficiency Based EFI System in its Class.
  • It Will Run 11 Different Ignition Configurations.
  • Configurable to Narrow or Wide Band O2 Sensor Operation.
  • Offers Built-In Self Diagnostics.
  • Will operate the fuel injectors in Sequential or Batch Fire Mode.
  • Individual Cylinder Fuel Control.
  • Best Transitional Fueling for Unmatched Drivability.
  • The Only EFI System with Easy To Use Nitrous Power.
  • Will Support Up To 41 PSI of Boost.
  • Will operate High or Low Impedance Injectors.
  • 2 High RPM over Rev Limiters (Ignition & Fuel)
  • Built-IN 2 Step REV Limiter.
  • Controls: Torque Converter, AC Clutch, Radiator Fans and Knock.
  • Has Shift Light Output.
  • Lap Top Programmable
  • The Only System in its class that can be upgraded to a PRO Version.
  • Comes With Limited Warranty - The competition offers no warranty
  • For 18 years, ACCEL/DFI has been the leader in EFI Technology 


  • Real Time Programming: Using a Laptop, you can fully program the ECU in real time. All changes happen instantly.
  • O2 Sensors: The system uses a Narrow Band or Wide Band O2 Sensor.
  • Closed Loop Operations: Utilizing the Wide Band O2 in closed loop, You command what Air/Fuel Ratio you want and the wide band will auto correct up to + or - 25% (A great tool for tuning especially when using Nitrous, Turbo or Supercharged applications).
  • Volumetric Efficiency: The System is Volumetric Efficiency based just like an OEM. This type of system makes an 800HP small block start and run like a stocker.
  • Power Enrichment: Power Enrichment Mode offers a way to switch, on the fly, to an alternate Target Air-to-Fuel Ratio table. This provides a means of calibrating the ECM for both fuel economy and performance at the same time.
  • 3 separate Target A/F Tables are used in closed loop, Power Enrichment and Nitrous operations
  • E85 Capability: The System can be configured to switch on the fly from gasoline to E85 fuel.
  • Injector capability: The system is capable of running High or Low Impedance injectors in Sequential or Batch Fire.
  • Individual Cylinder Control: The System is capable controlling the fueling of each cylinder individually at all RPM and Load parameters. (If #3 cylinder is lean at 59% load between 3000 and 5000 RPM, add fuel to that cylinder only at those parameters.)
  • Injector Sequential Operation: To run in Sequential, you will need an ACCEL DFI Dual Sync Distributor that has the crank & cam signals built in.
  • Using OEM Distributors: A stock OEM EFI distributor like GM L98 (TPI) or Ford TFI can also be used but the injectors will have to be run in batch fire.
  • Auto Programming Nitrous: The System comes with 1 stage Nitrous control. Input your Nitrous Jet Size in inches (.038), how many jets and the ECM calculates the required additional fuel. Use the timing trim table, enter the amount of degrees you want the ECM to pull when the system activates.
  • Knock Control: The System is capable of knock control (Not recommended when using Roller Rockers, Solid Roller or Solid Flat tappet camshafts)
  • Torque Converter Lockup: The System can control torque converter lock up functions on GM TH200R4 and TH700R4 Transmissions.
  • A/C Control: The System can control A/C on most applications.
  • Radiator Fan Control: If you are running electrical fans for the radiator, the System can control 2 of them.
  • 2 Step Rev Limiter: The system can control a 2 step rev limiter while you are on the trans brake.
  • Over Rev Limiter: The System offer 2 separate Over Rev limiters, one controls ignition the other controls fuel.
  • Data Acquisition: You can record up to 6 channels through the ECM and laptop or up to 16 total channels when using the DATAMAP part of the Wide Band O2.
  • Shift Light: You can program a shift light RPM in the ECM to activate a shift light.
  • Self Diagnostics: The system offers OEM style self diagnostics, if a code is triggered, you can view the code and the explanation of the problem on your laptop. It can also trigger a service engine soon light to let you know of a problem.
  • Limp Mode: The system will never leave you stranded, if one of the sensors it utilizes goes bad. It switches the sensors parameters to default mode, so you can make it home.
  • THRUSTER PRO: The system if fully upgradeable to a Pro Version that opens up the door to numerous bells and whistle. (3 Stages of Nitrous, Boot Builder for Turbo applications, 4 Target A/F tables, run up to 4 injectors per cylinder). All this and more without replacing any harnesses or cutting any wires.
  • Safeties: The system has built in safeties to keep your engine from needing expensive repairs. (It calculates the VE while tuning and if the injector duty cycle exceeds 95% it sets a code to let you know that you need larger injectors. While using Nitrous, it will disable the Nitrous if the injector duty cycle exceeds 95%, You can also use the engine saver mode when utilizing the wide band O2 to disable the Nitrous if the Air/Fuel ratio falls below set parameters).


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