AAM Competition GT-800R Turbo Upgrade - Nissan GT-R

AAM Competition GT-800R Turbo Upgrade - Nissan GT-R


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Full Ball Bearing Garrett CHRAs
Precisely CNC'd OE Nissan Turbine & Compressor Housings
Special tooling developed to properly machine turbine housing with zero deflection
Bolt-On Package including new enlarged coolant & oil lines
650+awhp on 93oct capability / 750+awhp Capability with boost and appropriate fuel
Ultra Responsive
Power & Boost all the way to redline
Will handle 26+ psi

The AAM GT800-R Turbocharger Upgrade combines serious power potential and the signature spool characteristics of the Garrett ball bearing CHRAs without sacrificing the wide powerband of the GT-R.

Our kits uses proven & true Garrett ball bearing CHRA's. Across all three wheel options, the spool up characteristics combined with their flow potential are truly, in Garrett's own words, competition crushing.

The Garrett CHRAs alone do not make all the difference. Machining the OE housing to Garrett tolerances plays an integral role in the success of our turbocharger upgrade. We ran into many difficulties developing the turbochargers. Machining the turbine housing was particularly difficult as the shape of the turbine manifold/housing proved difficult to cleanly cut - it was simply too long of a reach. With new tooling, some fixture plate changes coupled with our CNC equipment, we were able to see results with effectively zero deflection.

The Garrett CHRA's require different fittings and lines compared to OE. We opted for a combination of aeroquip socketless race hose and aeroquip starlight fire retardant race hose (nomex & kevlar) for ease of install, flow and reliability. The Garrett CHRA's are incredible picky when it comes to flow - for long life, it is extremely important to balance the flow and return. Because the oil feed source on the bock is already slightly restricted, we opted to machine our own restrictor to our choice of size. We also machined a coolant fitting to tap the coolant in location which reduced the overall complication of the coolant routing. Overall, the line kit is perfectly suited for the Garrett CHRA's and seamlessly adapts to the GT-Rs factory feed and return locations – no cutting necessary.

With our smallest wheel combo, we see stock like spool and the potential to make 700awhp/650+awtq on 93 octane, and 750+awhp on race gas. We've already achieved 675/650 and we feel that we can go higher on 93. This is approx a 250awhp/250awtq gain over stock on our dynojet - on pump gas to boot.

Bottom Line: Our GT-R turbocharger upgrades is the definitive forced induction modification for the Nissan GT-R.

4-6 weeks is their typical build time

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