AAM Competition 3" Race Downpipes - Nissan GT-R 08+

AAM Competition 3" Race Downpipes - Nissan GT-R 08+


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AAM, a national known manufacturer of innovative and exclusive products for the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35, is proud to introduce our newest exhaust upgrade for the Nissan GT-R – the AAM Competition 3" Catalytic Converter Downpipes. The AAM Competition 3" Catalytic Converter Downpipes is an essential upgrade to optimizing your GT-R's exhaust system and vehicle's power.

With a turbocharged vehicle power gains through exhaust flow is a basic concept - get the exhaust gases out as quickly as possible. The result is a noticeable power gain across the entire rpm range as well as the ability to support additional peak power.

The theory behind this principle is simple. Prior to the turbo a significant amount of pressure, heat, and velocity is present in the exhaust manifolds. This pressure is created by the overall volume of the exhaust gases being contained in a confined space. This pressure, heat, and velocity enters the nozzle area of the turbo which spins the turbo exducer blade (turbo wheel). Once the usable portion of the energy has been extracted to spin the turbo wheel it exits the back of the turbo into the exhaust. Because only so much volume can flow through the turbo at any given moment we must allow these spent gases to exit the turbo as quickly as possible so that additional gases trapped in the manifold can be used.

This is why the AAM Competition 3" Catalytic Converter Downpipes will allow the turbo to spool faster, harder, and more efficiently – gaining new power. A secondary benefit from the additional exhaust flow after the turbo is lower engine temperature. Because we are evacuating the heat faster and with less resistance, there is less time for heat to build up.


  • Proven to flow over 900awhp
  • Faster turbo response
  • Lower engine temperatures
  • Precision TIG welded T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Made in the USA


4-6 weeks is their typical build time

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