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Volkswagen Performance Parts

Volkswagen has one of most interesting histories of any vehicle to come out of Germany - and there have been quite a few notable ones. Originally sold to the civilian sector as a "car for the masses", Volkswagen began as an ultra affordable car that had good reliability. Today, the Volkswagen brand encompasses luxury models in addition to more economical ones. However, one thing that contemporary VW models have in common is their popularity as tuner cars.

Volkswagen Performance PartsVolkswagen Performance Parts

Aftermarket Volkswagen performance parts are available for practically all types of contemporary Volkswagen models, from the humble Beetle, to the sporty Golf, to the ultra premium Phaeton. Many consumers are perfectly content to drive these cars with only factory options in place, but there’s also a wide swath of Volkswagen enthusiasts who like to upgrade the looks and/or performance of the car to create a highly unique driving machine.

At Enjuku Racing, we specializing in supplying parts you can use for this purpose. Whether you need VW Golf performance parts, performance parts for the VW Jetta or performance parts for the VW Passat, among other models, we can serve as your single supplier of Volkswagen tuner components.

Do Our Parts Meet Your Needs?

Volkswagen Performance PartsMany parts we sell are difficult, if not impossible, to find on the shelves of auto part retailers. This is mainly because they are premium parts that are designed with racing culture and the needs of car tuners in mind. Simply put, there’s a big difference between standard Volkswagen parts and Volkswagen performance parts. The latter are used to enhance driving performance in some capacity. If this is what you plan to do to your VW, our parts are perfect for your needs.

Why Make Us Your Parts Source?

We aren’t the only company that supplies a variety of parts for Volkswagen upgrades, but we offer some key advantages that many of our competitors don’t. In addition to supplying stock parts that are ready to ship, we also accept orders for custom parts and order hard-to-find parts straight from the manufacturer. Add in the fact that we have a phone line that’s dedicated to answering your parts-related questions, and it’s clear why we are a great option for parts.

Order Your VW Performance Parts

Volkswagen Performance PartsIf you are ready to redefine the driving performance of your Volkswagen, visit our store and order the parts you need for your project straight from our website. If you’d like to speak with an attendant, order by calling (888) SR20DET. If you need assistance selecting the right parts for the job, please call our questions line at (352) 241-8399 to speak with a parts specialist. Install our Volkswagen performance parts to create a street machine that burns up the turf!