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Toyota Supra MKIV 93-98 Performance Parts

The Toyota Supra MKIV (MK4) is a fourth generation Supra model that offers a sportier driving experience than most of its Supra predecessors. In 1998, Toyota stopped exporting the MKIV from Japan due to declining sales and ceased the Supra line altogether in 2002 for the same reason. Today, used MKIVs are quite popular as tuner cars.

Toyota Supra Performance Parts

When they feature all of the premium, factory-installed options, MKIVs are a pleasure to drive in the absence of aftermarket upgrades, but there are several areas of the car that can be tweaked to boost performance. In addition, the body and cabin of the vehicle can be upgraded to offer a more modern appearance and provide certain cabin appointments that were uncommon in cars between 1993 and 1998. Consequently, many car tuners customize the vehicle inside and out.

At Enjuku Racing, we provide a wide selection of MK4 performance parts that can be used to either customize specific areas of the car or largely redefine its looks and performance. Unlike some Toyota models that are commonly used for tuner car projects, the MKIV already looks and operates like a sports car, which makes it a good option for car tuners who would like create a head turning, high-performance tuner car without upgrading the vast majority of components.

We Support Supra Car Tuners

You don’t need to be a dedicated car tuner to find value in our MK4 Supra performance parts, but the car tuner demographic is our primary customer segment. Since the day we opened for business, we’ve supported car tuners by providing uniquely designed, race car inspired auto components for vehicle upgrades. Whether you want to perform a single upgrade on your Supra MKIII, or you plan to redefine the car, you are exactly the type of driver we typically serve.

Reasons to Get Parts From Us

We go the extra mile to supply the Toyota Supra performance parts you need for your tuner project. If we don’t stock the parts you require, we can order them from the manufacturer or provide custom parts, whichever option is easiest and most affordable. We’ll also help you select parts based on how and why you wish to customize your Supra. When you use us as your parts supplier, you can always get the parts you need and receive help choosing them.

Order MK4 Supra Parts Today

Your Supra MK4 already looks and performs like a sports car, but why not sharpen its appearance and maximize its performance with MK4 supra parts? That’s what we’re here to help you do. To get the parts you need, select them from our store and proceed to checkout. For inquiries, call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. Get started on tuning up your Supra today!