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Toyota Soarer & SC300 Performance Parts

The Toyota Soarer is a luxury GT coupe that was manufactured for the Japanese market from 1981 to 2005. In 1991, the company unveiled an equivalent for the U.S. market, the Lexus SC 300/400 series. New SC models continued to roll out between 1991 to 2010, after which the line was retired. Both the Soarer and the SC300 remain quite popular as tuner vehicles, with the SC300 enjoying the most popularity thanks to its more recent production and wider availability outside of Japan.

Performance Parts for Soarer and SC300

Unlike some vehicles that are frequently the focus of auto customization projects, the Soarer and the SC300 were available with factory options that delivered sharply styled interiors and generous performance capabilities under the hood. However, even with the best original options installed, there is plenty of room to upgrade the vehicles with Toyota Soarer performance parts and Lexus SC300 performance parts, a variety of which are offered for sale in our store.

When to Install Our Parts in Your Vehicle

The ideal time to use our parts for your Soarer or SC300 is when you are ready to turn the vehicle into highly customized car that’s unique in terms of looks, performance or both. Many of our customers envision redefining their Soarer or SC300 inside and out. We also serve drivers who are satisfied with most of their vehicle’s original parts but would like upgrade a specific area for a better driving experience (e.g., installing a turbo drive to significantly boost acceleration).

Because our premium performance parts are naturally priced a bit higher than the standard components you would receive from an auto dealer or a mechanic, we typically don’t advise using our parts for standard vehicle maintenance and repairs. However, considering that its parts can be difficult to find in some locations, the Soarer can be an exception. You may find that we have the best selection of new parts for the car, which is a reason to get parts from us.

Benefits of Making Us Your Parts Supplier

There is no shortage of online suppliers of aftermarket auto parts for tuner car projects, but there are four reasons to make us your supplier of Toyota Soarer performance parts or Lexus SC300 performance parts: We offer parts for every area of the vehicle that you would want to customize, order parts from manufacturers if we don’t have them in stock, offer custom parts if manufacturers don’t carry the parts you need, and help you select the right auto components.

Order Your Soarer or SC300 Performance Parts Today

Whether you dream of customizing a Toyota Soarer or a Lexus SC800, we have the stylish, high-quality performance parts that you need for the job. If your tuner car project is already well planned and you know the parts you need, simply choose them from our product pages and place the order. If you need some advice on the scope of your project or what parts to install next, call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. We look forward to hearing from you!