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Toyota Corolla AE86 Performance Parts

The Toyota Corolla AE86 is a sport sedan that was manufactured from 1983 to 1987. Although it’s not considered a “classic” car in many circles, the AE86 has been around long enough for many Toyota enthusiasts to consider it the best sports coup that the manufacturer produced in the 1980s. Despite being out of production for nearly three decades, the Corolla AE86 remains a popular vehicle for tuner car projects thanks to its sharp handling and powerful engine for such a compact car.

Toyota AE86 Parts

Toyota AE86 parts fall into two general categories: standard parts that are used to maintain the original look and performance of the vehicle and special, aftermarket parts that are used to change the vehicle’s original look and performance. At Enjuku Racing, we specialize in supplying Toyota AE86 performance parts for tuner car projects. If you have a Corolla AE86 that you want to turn into a sleek, high-performance vehicle, we can supply the parts you need for the project.

Our Target Audience

As you might expect, our customer base is mainly comprised of vehicle owners who plan to turn their automobiles into driving machines whose aesthetics and capabilities can’t be found in a vehicle purchased direct from the manufacturer. Most people purchase our parts to perform comprehensive upgrades, but we also have customers that acquire parts to upgrade specific parts of the vehicle, such as the drivetrain, exhaust system, and wheels, to name just a few.

We are a great option for drivers who wish to optimize their Toyota Corolla AE86 to a degree that goes well beyond the vehicle’s upgrade options that the manufacturer offered. If this is what you plan to do with your Corolla, then we are one of your best options for parts. If you simply need parts for standard maintenance and repairs, a mechanic would be the best option.

Benefits We Offer

Enjuku Racing is one of the best suppliers of Toyota AE86 performance parts for at least four reasons: We carry a wide selection of components that are ready to ship, place special orders with auto part manufacturers, produce custom orders for parts that can’t be found, and offer assistance with selecting the best parts for vehicle customization goals. These options make us quite popular with both experienced tuners and those who are just getting into the tuner scene.

Order Your Parts Today

Whether you plan to customize your Toyota Corolla AE86 inside and out, or you simply wish to optimize a particular aspect of the vehicle to improve looks or performance, we have the AE86 performance parts that you need for the project. To get your parts, select them from our product pages and proceed to the checkout. If you need help with parts selection, please call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. We look forward to supplying you with the best tuner parts!