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Scion xA & xB Performance Parts

The Scion xA is a 5-door subcompact hatchback that Toyota produced from 2004 to 2006. The Scion xB is a 5-door compact car from Toyota that first manufactured in 2003 and is still in production today. When it comes to performance and body style, neither vehicle is likely to turn heads, but both cars have become popular as tuner vehicles partly for this very reason. They are a "blank canvas," as it were, that is ready for a wide variety of component upgrades.

Scion xA and Scion xB Performance PartsScion xA and Scion xB Performance Parts

Neither the Scion xA or Scion xB packs much punch under the hood. This is why tuners who pick the xA or xB as their vehicle of choice often start their tuner car project with engine upgrades, and then redefine the car’s aesthetics with sleek looking upgrades to the body. When the comprehensive upgrade process is complete, both vehicles feature swift acceleration and distinctive looks that distinguish them from factory models that don’t have aftermarket parts.

At Enjuku Racing, supplying Scion xA and Scion xB performance parts for tuner car projects is one of our specialties. We have the automotive knowledge and aftermarket parts that you need to carry out your Scion tuner car project like a pro. We can serve as your single source for Scion xA and Scion xB performance parts needs.

Who Uses Our Parts the Most?

Scion xA and Scion xB Performance PartsBecause we specialize in providing premium aftermarket auto parts, most of our customers are car tuners who wish to redefine their vehicle's performance, appearance or both. Some drivers use our parts to upgrade a single vehicular component or operating system, others prefer to customize the entire vehicle, and still others fall somewhere in-between. Some drivers use our parts for reasons other than car tuning, but tuners are by far our biggest customer segment.

Order Scion Performance Parts Today

Scion xA and Scion xB Performance PartsUnless they have Scion xA and Scion xB performance parts installed, the Scion xA and xB are mostly utilitarian vehicles that are designed to get you from point A to point B. But when you customize the vehicles with our premium performance parts, you can turn them into pavement scorching cars that look as fast as they drive, and grab attention at every turn.

If you're ready to start customizing your xA or xB, just choose the parts you need and place your order from the convenience of your computer. You can also order by calling (888) SR20DET. If you need assistance in selecting parts, please call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. We look forward to helping your tune up your Scion!