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Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ Performance Parts

The Scion FR-S is a sports car from Toyota that entered production 2013 and remains in production today. The model of the vehicle, FR-S, is an acronym that stands for “front-engine, rear-wheel drive, sport.” The Subaru BRZ (a.k.a. Toyota 86) is a also a sports car from Toyota, one that began rolling off of the assembly line in 2012 and is still manufactured today. The model of the automobile, BRZ, stands for "boxer engine, rear-wheel drive, and zenith."

FR-S and BRZ Performance PartsFR-S and BRZ Performance Parts

Thanks to their sporty appearance and relatively low starting price, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ have become popular for tuner vehicle projects in which aftermarket auto parts are installed to improve the looks and performance of the cars. Customizations range from minor exterior upgrades to complete engine overhauls.

As a long-time supporter of tuner car culture, Enjuku Racing offers a wide selection of Scion FR-S performance parts and Subaru BRZ performance parts that are ready to ship. We also create custom parts for these vehicles that are designed for the requirements of unique, aftermarket vehicle customization projects. We can also order special parts from practically any manufacturer.

Who Uses Our Performance Parts?

FR-S and BRZ Performance PartsBasically, our Scion FR-S performance parts and Subaru BRZ performance parts are used by anyone who wishes to upgrade the looks and/or performance of the vehicles in any capacity, with “upgrade” being the key word. Our parts can also be used for repairs, but they’re designed to increase vehicle performance and not maintain the performance available from the manufacturer.

Some of our customers are mainly interested in boosting engine performance, others are primarily dedicated to making their car look sportier, and still others wish to redefine the way their car looks and performs from front to back. However, these customers all share one important similarity: They want to "tune up" the car to create a unique vehicle in one form or another.

Reasons to Make Us Your Supplier

When someone makes us their long-term tuner parts supplier, they often do so for three main reasons: We answer questions about parts selection and installation in great detail, can create custom performance parts when the right parts can’t be found, and can order parts that we don’t have in stock direct from the manufacturer. We’re also highly favored by lovers of racing culture, as racing culture has always been a consideration in our selection of parts.

FR-S and BRZ Performance PartsOrder Your Performance Parts Here

You can't change the aesthetics and performance of your Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ until you have the parts for the job. To get the parts you need, simply browse through our product pages, select the right components, and proceed to the payment page. If you have questions about parts or how to prioritize the phases of your project, call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. We look forward to supplying your FR-S performance parts and Subaru BRZ performance parts!