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Car Part

A trusted provider of aftermarket performance auto parts can be an invaluable resource for your aftermarket car customization project. For thousands of tuners around the globe, Enjuku Racing serves as this type of parts supplier. We offer hundreds of racing-inspired performance parts for a variety of vehicles. If you need parts for car customization, here are just a few of the many component types that you’ll find in our online store.

Engine Parts

Tuners who wish to customize their car’s engine for increased performance often begin their customization projects by installing new engine parts. Upgrading the engine of a vehicle requires a holistic approach that considers how the planned installations would perform in unison. We provide all the engine components you need to create and sustain a new level of performance.

Cabin Parts

After the customized engine in your car is firing on all cylinders (pun intended), you may want to upgrade the cabin to make the car feel as sporty as it drives. We offer a variety of aftermarket auto performance parts for this purpose, from bucket seats to steering wheels. Our dedication to supplying racing-inspired components extends beyond the engine compartment to the vehicle cabin.  

Body Parts

For many tuners, it is important for their vehicles to look like they offer high-grade engine performance. At the same time, some tuners primarily focus on creating a unique exterior without making significant upgrades to the engine. Regardless of which path you take, we carry a full line of high-quality aftermarket performance parts for customizing your vehicle’s body.

Wheel Parts

Custom wheel parts have become some of the most popular aftermarket performance auto parts for vehicle customization projects. This is why we offer a variety of parts that you can install to customize your vehicle’s wheels, including: rims, wheel spacers and lug nuts and locks. Our tastefully designed wheel parts take the concept of “rolling down the road in style” to a new level.   

Place Your Order Today

Whether you need engine parts, cabin parts, body parts, wheel parts or another type of parts for your vehicle customization project, Enjuku Racing is here to serve as your trusted supplier of aftermarket performance auto parts. Inspired by racing culture, we specialize in providing parts that redefine the aesthetics and engine performance of various vehicles, and only carry high-quality products that we would feel confident about using for our own tuner car projects.

For more information about our aftermarket performance parts, or to receive help choosing the right components, call us today at (352) 241-8399, or refer to the contact page on our website.