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Nissan RWD SR20DET Performance Parts

The Nissan RWD SR20DET is a turbocharged, intercooled, inline four-cylinder engine designed for a variety of rear wheel drive (RWD) models, particularly the Silvia, Pulsar GTI-R, Bluebird and 180SX. In the U.S. and Canada, the Silvia and 180SX were released as the 240SX model, which was produced between 1989 and 1999. 

Due to the great selection of forced induction aftermarket performance parts for the engine, the SR20DET has become a popular engine swap for 240SX owners around the world. In fact, some car customization shops specialize only in 240SX SR20DET engine swapping. Among the mechanically inclined, the engine swap is also commonly performed in personal garages.

SR20DET Engine Swaps

240SX owners who perform SR20DET engine swaps handle their engine replacement projects in one of two ways: They purchase the original engine in refurbished condition and drop it in the vehicle, or they build the engine from scratch, often using a combination of parts from the original equipment manufacturer and SR20DET performance parts available from Enjuku Racing.

If you decide to take the latter approach and build a customized SR20DET engine, you’re sure to find our excellent selection of parts for the project to be more than helpful. We can supply you with every part you need to make the swap, from camshafts, to clutch and transmission components, to engine fasteners. Just explore our inventory and order what you need.

Ready for an Engine Swap?

Besides having the right auto parts for the job, the only things you need to make your car a good candidate for an SR20DET engine swap is a vehicle model that’s designed to house the engine and a desire to experience the engine’s sporty performance. As long as these things are in place, it’s full speed ahead (pun intended). All you need to do is order parts from our online store and have a mechanic perform the installation, or do it yourself if you’ve got the skills.

Why Make Us Your Supplier?

There are several reasons to make us your trusted supplier of parts for your engine swap, but three of them stand out: We specialize in supplying parts for Nissan models, we offer one of the largest selections of SR20DET parts online, and we accept custom orders and direct from the manufacturer orders for components that we don’t have in stock. In addition, we also have a questions line that you can call to get all the parts information you need before you buy.

Start Ordering Parts Today

An engine swap is one of the biggest car customization projects, but we provide the auto parts and professional guidance that you need to do the job right. To place your order, call us today at (888) SR20DET, or place your order directly from our online store. If you have questions, feel free to call our questions hotline at (352) 241-8399. Contact us today!