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Nissan RB20 & RB25 & RB26 Performance Parts

Nissan RB20, RB25, and RB26 engines were released under the RB label from 1985 to 2004. RB20 engines come in seven models that feature a variety of different performance technologies, including single-cam, twin-cam, and turbocharging. The same applies to RB25 and RB26 engines, except these engines come in four different models and two different models, respectively. Today, RB20 engines are commonly used to perform engine swaps.          

Nissan RB20, RB25 and RB26 Engine Parts

When it comes to engine swapping, RB engines are installed in two basic ways: Dropping an original, complete RB engine in the engine compartment, or using aftermarket performance parts to build the engine. Taking an original RB engine and applying aftermarket performance parts or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts is also an option.

Deciding which path to take depends on the type of performance you want from an RB20 engine. For example, RB20 and RB25 generally deliver less horsepower than the RB26, which can be upgraded with RB20 performance parts to offer over 500 hp. However, the RB20 and RB25 are no slouches in the speed department. Turbocharged versions of the engines deliver excellent accelerating power and are often installed for this reason.

Who PerformsRB Engine Swaps and Upgrades?       

Engine customization projects for RB engines are almost exclusively performed by Nissan enthusiasts who like what the engines offer as standard performance features or the flexibility of the engines to be upgraded to dramatically boost driving performance. Less often, drivers perform RB engine swaps and upgrades as maintenance measures to preserve the vehicle’s lifespan.

At Enjuku Racing, we primarily sell parts to the former group of drivers. Nissan race car inspired upgrades are our biggest area of specialization. Even so, we still serve drivers who simply wish to keep their vehicle in good form. Our ability to meets the needs of various Nissan drivers is what makes us one of the most popular online destinations for Nissan car components.

Why Get Your RB Engine Parts From Us?

When you customize a Nissan vehicle, there are two reasons to get parts from a seller that specializes in supplying them: parts availability, and the ability to meet uncommon Nissan engine needs. When you shop with us, you can count on receiving both benefits. In addition to supplying drivers with a broad array of stock parts, we also accept custom orders and can order non-stock parts direct from the manufacturer.

Place Your Nissan Engine Parts Order Today    

Getting the parts you need for your Nissan engine project is easy when you shop in our online store. You can place orders over the phone by calling (888) SR20DET, or purchase them straight from the website. If you need assistance choosing the right components or have questions about what you plan to buy, call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. Contact us today!