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Nissan 240sx Wheel Studs

When you remove the lug nuts from a wheel on a vehicle, you unscrew them from wheel studs. Wheel studs are long, threaded pieces of metal that resemble screws. Their primary function is to hold tires in place once lug nuts have been applied. Wheel studs are connected directly with the vehicle hub and typically pass through the brake disk or the brake drum. Without wheel studs in place, trying to drive your car would be pointless; it would have no secure wheels.

Nissan 240SX Wheel Studs

Wheel studs are some of the most utilitarian parts on a vehicle. Because they remain unseen when they hold tires in place, not much emphasis is placed on how they look. Even so, the components do come with different finishes, with gold, silver, and matte gray being the most popular. Aftermarket wheel studs are typically installed for their strength. How they look is typically a secondary consideration.

Enjuku Racing stocks wheel studs for a variety of vehicles, but we specialize in providing Nissan 240SX wheel studs. Over time, wheel studs can wear out, especially when they are original to the vehicle, and the vehicle has been optimized with engine upgrades to boost acceleration. If you need new 240SX wheel studs, we have them in stock.

Who Needs New Wheel Studs?

In many cases, the need for new 240SX wheel studs is fairly obvious. In addition to looking bent to the naked eye, spent wheel studs are also identifiable by how they cause a vehicle to have a bumpy ride due to a lack of equilibrium among the fixturing of the four tires. Anyone whose vehicle experiences these problems should make purchasing new studs a top priority.

There are also cases when wheel studs are replaced when they aren’t experiencing problems. In this case, the goal is often to install studs whose metallurgical qualities -- particularly tensile strength and hardness -- make them more durable than factory-installed studs. If you’ve made engine upgrades that support a more aggressive driving experience, installing new, stronger wheel studs may be necessary.

Choosing Us as Your Supplier       

Wheel studs are some of the most commonly sold auto parts, which gives you plenty of options for choosing a supplier. Why should you get wheel studs from us? For one, we only supply the highest quality studs, whether that means selling you parts we have in stock, placing a special order with a manufacturer, or accepting custom orders. If you drive a Nissan 240SX, that’s another reason to shop in our store. We specialize in providing 240SX wheel studs.

Order Your Wheel Studs Today

Whether you need replacement wheel studs because the ones on your car are damaged, or you want to install stronger studs that offer more support, we’ll supply the products you need. To place your order, just call us at (888) SR20DET, or use the Contact page on our website. With our wheel studs in place, you can count on your tires staying in place during fast rides!