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Nissan 240sx Wastegates

A wastegate is a special valve that directs exhaust emissions away from the turbine wheel in a turbocharger. This results in the regulation of the compressor’s rotational speed, which in turn maximizes the boost pressure a turbocharger generates. By regulating boost pressure, wastegates protect the turbocharger and engine from damage due to excessive boost pressure. When boost pressure is unregulated and damage occurs, the repairs can be costly.

Nissan 240SX Wastegates

Wastegates are a crucial auto component for the vehicle of anyone who wants to maximize turbo output without worrying about the turbocharger “blowing out” from too much exhaust pressure. That’s why Enjuku Racing carries a fine selection of only the best wastegates and related accessories for a variety of vehicle makes and models.

We’re happy to supply wastegates for any type of road vehicle. We can even place special orders for wastegates that we don’t stock, and we also accept custom orders. With that said, our primary specialty is supplying wastegate components for the sporty Nissan 240SX. Our 240SX wastegates are thoroughly tested to ensure that they offer the right amount of pressure regulation.

Should You Install a Wastegate?

Many vehicles that contain factory-installed turbochargers feature factory-installed wastegates. However, these wastegates often offer less pressure regulation than aftermarket wastegates. So, the question becomes whether you are satisfied with your turbo drive’s current level of performance, or you would like to push its boosting ability to the max.

Most drivers that install an aftermarket wastegate fall into the second category. They want more accelerating power than a factory-installed wastegate supports. Installing 240SX wastegates and wastegates for other vehicles is often one step in a larger car customization project. Drivers that have this type of project on tap are typically the ones who buy our parts.   

Benefits of Shopping With Us

We know you have plenty of choices when it comes to shopping for wastegates. That’s why we strive to maintain our competitive edge by offering three things that many of our competitors don’t: the highest quality components, direct from the manufacturer orders and custom orders and access to parts specialists who can answer questions you have about 240SX wastegates and other parts.

In addition to offering great parts, we also provide a high level of customer service that separates us from the typical online auto parts seller. With us supplying parts and advice for your car customization project, it’s hard to go wrong. We’ll help you optimize your car from front to back until it is the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of driving.

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Turbochargers are expensive to replace. Installing an aftermarket wastegate will help ensure that your turbocharger operates flawlessly under strenuous conditions. If you want more boost from your turbocharger, order a wastegate today by calling us at (888) SR20DET, or order directly from our website. The speedy driving experience you’ve always dreamed of awaits!