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Nissan 240sx VH Swap

Engine swapping is the replacement of one type of engine with another. The new engine is typically one that delivers measurably better performance than the replaced engine. Vehicle customization shops routinely perform engine swaps, but they can also be performed as do-it-yourself projects if you understand the installation process and have the right parts.

Nissan 240SX VH Swap

Enjuku Racing specializes in providing high-quality, aftermarket auto parts for Nissan vehicles and other makes. For engine swaps, some of our best-selling products are ones that help Nissan owners drop one of the automaker’s famous VH engines into a Nissan model that rolled away from the assembly line with a different engine.

Nissan’s series of VH engines were manufactured from 1989 to 2001 but are still considered some of the best engines the company has ever produced. This is what makes our 240SX VH swap components some of the most sought-after customization parts by Nissan aficionados around the world.

In our online store, you’ll find several essential components for your 240SX VH swap project, including alternator relocation brackets, power steering pulleys, and VH swap kits that come with the parts everyone needs to properly perform a VH swap project for the Nissan 240SX.

Swap Parts for Tuners

Our Nissan 240SX VH Swap products are ideal for tuners who have a good understanding of how things work under the hood of their 240SX. After all, one of the great pleasures of aftermarket vehicle customization projects is seeing the progress you create with your own hands. Furthermore, performing your own swap could save you a fortune.

With that said, our engine swap components are also perfect for tuners who prefer to place big projects like an engine swap in the hands of a professional mechanic. Get the parts you need from us and perform the job yourself, or outsource it to an engine pro -- the choice is yours.

Why Order From Us?

Enjuku Racing isn’t the only supplier of 240SX VH swap products, but we strongly feel that we’re the best company to get them from. Since the beginning, supplying tuner parts for Nissan models has been the bread and butter of our business. We understand Nissans inside and out, which gives us the ability to select only the best parts in terms of looks and performance.  

When you get parts from us, there’s no need to second guess the quality of what you receive. We only stock the best components, and we always will. For us, supplying Nissan tuner parts is more than just a business, it’s a passion.    

Order the Parts You Need Today

If you’ve always dreamed of dropping a Nissan VH engine into your 240SX, explore our full inventory and order the parts you need to make the dream real. If you need help selecting the right components, just call us at (352) 241-8399. In addition to supplying ready-made parts, we also take custom requests. So, don’t hesitate to ask for something extra special for your engine swap. Call us at (888) SR20DET to place your order!