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Nissan 240sx Turbo Manifold

A turbo manifold is an engine part that supports a turbocharger by providing an efficient means for removing the exhaust the drive produces. The manifold attaches to each cylinder head in the turbocharger and channels the multiple exhaust streams into a single pipe that pushes out exhaust. Turbo drives use combusted fuel to produce torque. Consequently, they produce plenty of exhaust, too. Using a turbo manifold is a highly efficient way for removing the emission.

Nissan 240SX Turbo Manifold

A turbo manifold serves the same basic purpose in every vehicle, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. Before you invest in the component, two things should be considered: the make and model of your vehicle and the make and model of the turbo drive it contains. For example, if you drive a Nissan 240SX, you should shop for a 240SX turbo manifold that is designed for the car.

At Enjuku Racing, supplying aftermarket tuner parts for the Nissan 240SX is one of our specialties. Our 240SX turbo manifold models come in a variety of configurations and finishes. Whether you simply need to install a manifold to support turbocharging, or you are also interested in getting a manifold that gives your car’s engine a unique look, we have you covered.

Who Installs Our Turbo Manifolds?

When it comes to supplying turbo manifolds, we mainly serve drivers who are interested in giving their vehicle the look and feel of a performance racing car. Often, installing one of our manifolds is just one step in a larger car customization project, but our manifolds are also great for drivers who simply want to drop a turbochargers in the engine for increased performance.

If your car doesn’t have a turbocharger, and you plan to install one, we recommend purchasing the drive and manifold together. The reasons why are obvious: Placing a single order saves time, and it eliminates the hassle of buying a turbocharger and then searching for a manifold that fits. However, if you need to purchase the components at different times, we can easily supply you with a manifold that matches your turbocharger after you install it.

Why Get Turbo Manifolds Here?

There are three reasons to order a 240SX turbo manifold from us: We only carry the best parts, can order the manifold you need direct from the manufacturer if we don’t stock it, and we accept custom orders for components that are hard to find. These benefits make us a leading supplier of aftermarket auto parts for car customization projects at home and abroad.

Order Your Parts Today

A turbocharger can make a big difference in how an automobile performs in terms of acceleration and speed, but to deliver the best performance, the charger needs an efficient way to emit exhaust. If your car customization project is at the point where you are ready to customize the engine, we have the turbo components you need to satisfy your need for speed.

To place your order, give us a call at (888) SR20DET, or order directly through our website. If you need help choosing parts, feel free to call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. We look forward to supplying you with the best parts!