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Nissan 240sx Short Shifters

A short shifter serves the purpose of shortening the time it takes for a gear shifter to change from one gear to another. Aftermarket short shifters are typically applied to sports cars to enhance the gear shifting experience. For many sports car enthusiasts, gear shifting is a pleasurable part of the high acceleration driving experience. Short shifters add to the experience by decreasing gear shifting time, which increases performance by reducing the time it takes to reach a desired speed.

Nissan 240SX Short Shifters

The Nissan 240SX is an excellent example of a sports car that commonly receives a short shifter as an aftermarket upgrade, especially when the engine is upgraded to produce increased torque and acceleration. In a 240SX that has a high-performance engine, implementing a 240SX short shifter can reduce the time it takes to accelerate from one speed to another. You can think of it this way: A short shifter helps you get more out of your vehicle’s gear shifting capabilities.

Enjuku Racing carries an impressive selection of short shifters and associated auto parts for the Nissan 240SX. In addition to carrying aftermarket short shifters from some of the best manufacturers in the tuner parts business, we also supply shifter return springs, shifter bushings, and other tuner components that can be used to further customize the operation of the short shifter you install.

Who Installs Short Shifters?

Short shifters don’t offer much appeal to drivers who simply want their vehicle to perform as the manufacturer intends. Moreover, going from a “long” gear shifting experience to a “short” one is rather pointless unless you want to shift gears faster to reach the desired speed more quickly. Consequently, most people who buy a 240SX short shifter are at least interested in souping up the performance of their vehicle, and many of them implement aesthetic customizations, too.   

Where to Get Short Shifters

Short shifters are commonly found in the inventories of companies that sell tuner parts. But when it comes to getting a 240SX short shifter, Enjuku Racing leads the industry in products and service. We specialize in providing tuner parts for Nissan, and especially the 240SX model. As Nissan specialists, we also readily help our customers choose the right short shifter for the scope of their vehicle customization project.

Order Your Parts Today

If you have always wanted to speed up the gear shifting experience in your Nissan 240SX, we have the parts you need to do it. With a high-quality 240SX short shifter installed, you can shift from one gear to another faster than you can say “Enjuku Racing”. To order a short shifter or associated components, just explore our selection, find the product you want, and proceed to the virtual payment destination. You can also order parts by calling us toll-free at (888) SR20DET.