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Nissan 240sx Shift Knobs

Shifts knobs are small knobs that are placed on top of a manual gear shifter that rests in the console of a vehicle’s cabin. As simple as they seem, shift knobs play an important role in the operation of high-performance sport vehicles. They make it easy for drivers to grip and manipulate the gear shifter. Consequently, they make gear shifting more of a precise process, one where different gears can be accessed with remarkable quickness and precision.

Nissan 240SX Shift Knobs

The Nissan 240SX is a fine example of a high-performance vehicle that is often outfitted with aftermarket 240SX shift knobs. When the goal is to customize the vehicle inside and out, shift knobs are typically selected for appearance as well as functionality. The knob on a manual gear shifter is one of the most visually apparent components in the cabin of a car.

When choosing among 240SX shift knobs, several things should be considered, particularly:

  • the material the knob is made from

  • the size of your hand in relation to the size of the knob

  • and whether you wish to have a full hand grip over the knob or prefer to lightly grip it with your fingertips.

Regardless of your preferences, we carry a wide selection of 240SX shift knobs that meet your needs.

The Shift Knob Demographic

The customer demographic for our 240SX shift knobs largely consists of two segments: drivers who outfit their cars with new parts in order to race them, and drivers who simply wish to customize their 240SX with aftermarket upgrades that are inspired by racing culture. Among these populations, implementing gear shifter knobs is often preceded by making other upgrades to the manual gear shifter, such as installing a “short shifter” that reduces shifting time. 

Why Shop Anywhere Else?

Gear shift knobs that are compatible with the Nissan 240SX are widely available from sellers of aftermarket auto parts, but there are some good reasons to get shifter knobs from us. First, we stock the very best knobs in terms of looks, reliability and performance. We’ve examined every style and model on the market, and some of them simply haven’t made the grade. Second, providing parts for the 240SX has always been one of our core specialties, and we can offer you in-depth advice on parts selection. 

Place Your Order Today

Gear shifter knobs are small components that can have a big impact on how cars drive. Due to their prominent position in the vehicle cabin, they also have an impact on aesthetics. To order the best 240SX shift knobs, explore our online store and place your order through our website, or call us at (888) SR20DET. We look forward to helping you upgrade the gear shifting experience!