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Nissan 240sx Pulleys

In the auto industry, a pulley (a.k.a. crankshaft pulley and harmonic balancer) is a device that connects to the crankshaft of an engine to reduce vibration that torque creates. The device also functions as a pulley for drive belts in the engine. Because the crankshaft deflects when torque is applied, it vibrates when torque is released. The pulley counters the vibration, preventing a phenomenon called “resonance” that could make the crankshaft fail.

Nissan 240SX Pulleys

The sporty Nissan 240SX is an example of a vehicle that can benefit from having a pulley that’s rated to handle high torsional vibration, especially when the car has been upgraded to deliver more torque than the manufacturer made available through factory options. If you plan to upgrade the engine in your 240SX to deliver more torque, getting a high-quality pulley should be near the top of your to-do list.

Enjuku Racing supplies pulleys from some of the best manufacturers of aftermarket auto parts for Nissan, such as ISIS, ASP, ATI and Xcessive. Some of our pulleys are designed to sync with specific 240SX motors, while others are largely designed as one-size-fits-all equipment that is made for the 240SX’s nine model years: 1989-1998.

Is a Pulley Right for You?

Despite the protection a pulley offers a crankshaft, some car enthusiasts dislike the idea of “dampening” the torque a car produces. Pulleys are also known as “torsional dampers” because they “damper” torsional vibration. Although it poses a great risk to the crankshaft, some drivers consider the pulley’s weight and torsional effect undesirable, and go without the part.

However, most 240SX enthusiasts do choose to outfit their car with a pulley as a part of a larger vehicle customization project. Creators of tuner cars often spend thousands of dollars on customizing the engine of the car. Having a crank shaft break due to too much vibration leads to a costly and time consuming repair. This is why we recommend installing a high-quality pulley if your 240SX doesn’t have one.

Buy From a Nissan Specialist    

If you drive a Nissan 240SX, you should ideally get 240SX pulleys from an aftermarket auto parts dealer that specializes in your vehicle. Enjuku Racing fits this description, and then some. We’ve always specialized in supplying Nissan parts that are inspired by racing culture, particularly for 240SX models. We carefully investigate aftermarket Nissan auto parts and only choose the best to sell in our online store.

In addition to supplying high-quality, aftermarket 240SX pulleys, we also help our customers choose the right pulley for their specific car-customization needs. With us serving as your trusted provider of aftermarket Nissan parts, you can be sure that you’re installing a pulley that protects your crankshaft driving-session after driving-session.         

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Nissan 240SX pulleys play an important role in the function of the crankshaft. To protect the crankshaft in your Nissan from torsional vibration, check out the 240SX pulleys in our online store, and choose the pulley and associated parts you need for the installation. Order components directly through our website or by calling us toll-free at (888) SR20DET!