Using the feet to compress and decompress them, pedals are used to manually control the operation of the vehicle in terms of speed, braking, and accessing the emergency clutch that‘s used to secure the vehicle in place while it is not driven. Pedals are some of the simplest auto parts available, but the types of pedals you choose can have a serious impact on your vehicle’s performance.

Nissan 240SX Pedals

The Nissan 240SX sportscar is a vehicle in which it makes sense to install 240SX pedals to facilitate enhanced driving experience, particularly if you’ve upgraded the vehicle’s engine to offer greater performance. One of the last things the driver of an engine-customized vehicle wants is for his feet slip from a pedal in the midst of high-powered driving. Enjuku Racing carries pedals that are designed to prevent this from happening each time you drive.

For example, our SRP Racing Pedal Set -- for 89-98 Nissan 240SX’s that have manual transmissions -- comes with four pedals that offer the highest grip available, supplying track proven heel-to-toe sizing and positioning for pedals that have aircraft quality billet aluminum construction. In addition, we supply pedals from OEM applications, making it easy to implement new, aftermarket pedal grips that sync with the OEMs predesigned pedal system.

Do You Need New Pedals?

The 240SX pedals that are factory installed in some Nissan 240SX models feature a metal arm and rubber pads that cover the metal planes. Casual drivers of the car generally don’t need upgraded pedals, but car customizers that like to enhance the performance of their engine can benefit from implementing the pedals. One wrong slip of the foot could hit the brake instead of the accelerator and halt acceleration.

Many customers who order our 240SX pedals have spent plenty of time and money customizing their vehicle on the outside and are ready to start giving the car’s cabin a unique appearance, too. For many car customizers, replacing the pedals results in a meaningful connection between the unique, racecar-inspired pedals and the engine that is ready to rumble.

We Carry Racing Inspired Parts

The Nissan 240SX is often outfitted with aftermarket performance parts that are inspired by racing culture. This influence synchronizes perfectly with what many of our customers like to see in their 240SX pedals and other essential parts for driving a high-octane machine. When they shop our online store, they can find practically everything they need for the project.

In addition, if you need components that we don’t have in stock, we can order them straight from the manufacturer. Similarly, if you need a custom part, just submit your order and provide the necessary pieces of mechanical information. We’ll take care of the rest and provide you with a custom component that is specially designed with the needs of your vehicle in mind. For more information about our products and services, call our questions hotline today at(352) 241-8399.