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Nissan 240sx OEM Parts

In the auto industry, “OEM” is short for “original equipment manufacturer”. This means that so-called OEM parts are components that Nissan, Ford, Honda or another automaker factory produces for its line of vehicles. Most aftermarket customization parts for automobiles aren’t from an OEM. However, that doesn’t mean they have less quality than the automaker’s parts. It simply means that a company besides the automaker designs parts for the automaker’s cars.

240SX OEM Parts

The Nissan 240SX was produced from 1988 to 1999 and featured unique changes to its style and mechanics from year to year. For 240SX enthusiasts who prefer to upgrade their cars with 240SX OEM parts in addition to -- or in place of -- other brands of parts, finding hardware that is original to the vehicles isn’t much of a problem. However, finding the hardware in excellent condition, much less in new condition, can be quite a challenge.

240SX OEM parts are often purchased from “pick and pull” junkyards, where consumers remove parts from salvage cars. However, if you’re trying to restore a 240SX to its original condition as faithfully as possible, that option won’t sound too appealing. A good alternative is to get the parts you need from Enjuku Racing. From headlights, to fuel pump cover gaskets, to clutch master assemblies, we carry a wide selection of OEM parts for the Nissan 240SX.

OEM Parts for Purists

Most of our 240SX OEM parts are designed to restore the 240SX to the original operating condition, not enhance the looks and performance of the car in a way that the automaker never planned to do. If you’re looking for parts to enhance the looks or performance of your 240SX, shopping in the OEM parts section isn’t your best option. Instead, look for the components you need in the other product categories on our Nissan page.

Our 240SX OEM parts for are primarily aimed at Nissan purists who enjoy driving the 240SX in original condition. While you could always combine OEM parts with aftermarket components to create a hybrid model (that’s what most tuner cars really are), customers who purchase a large volume of OEM parts often intend to restore a 240SX to vintage condition, from front to back.

Getting the Parts You Need

If you want parts that are original to your 240SX model, and you want them in new condition, Enjuku Racing is the place to shop. Supplying parts for Nissan models has always been one of our core specialties, and the 240SX is one of our favorite models. That’s why we carry hundreds of non-OEM parts for the car that are designed to change its looks and performance, as well as high-quality OEM parts that are essential for maintaining the car’s condition.

Order the Parts You Need Now

If some of the original parts on your Nissan 240SX are worse for the wear, don’t wait for them to malfunction and leave you sitting on the side of the road. Restoring the parts is as simple as exploring our online store, selecting new parts, and ordering them directly from our website. You can also place orders by calling us at (888) SR20DET. Get the parts you need today!