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Nissan 240sx LS1 Swap

An LS1 swap is an aftermarket auto component that is used to increase the performance of a General Motors’ (GM) LS1 engine in one capacity or another. Tuners tend to be interested in these components because they are useful for increasing the engine performance of older model sports cars, such as Cameros from the 1980s, that tend to look much faster than they drive.

At Enjuku Racing, we provide LS1 swaps that are fully compatible with GM’s LS1 engines, and supplying the Nissan 240SX LS1 swap remains one of our specialties. Implementing an LS1 swap is a great way to boost performance, and if you aren’t sure which product to choose, one of our specialists will gladly help you make an informed decision.

Define Project Parameters

Because there are numerous parts that could be applied as a part of a Nissan 240SX LS1 swap, it helps to define exactly what you wish to accomplish through the swap before you acquire parts. From headers, to oil pans, to power steering lines, the customization options are many. Defining the parameters of the tuning project will help you stay within budget as you search for parts.   

Consider Type of Engine

Remember that swaps are intended for GM’s LS1 motor. If your car doesn’t have this motor, you have one of two options: install the motor, or pursue different customization options based on the type of engine in your car. It is not uncommon for tuners who love the LS1 engine to install it, and then customize it with swaps.  

Consider Additional Add-ons

Depending on the scope of your LS1 swapping projects, you may need to implement more add-ons than you imagined. For example, you might need new oil pans, accessory drives, or standalone wiring harness for the fuel injector and engine control module (ECM). However, it should be mentioned that these add-ons typically become necessary when you have the wrong type of motor under the hood.

Ready for a 240SX LS1 Swap?

If so, now is the time to get the parts you need from Enjuku Racing. Equipping your automobile with an LS1 swap can significantly improve engine performance using modern technology that wasn’t available when the engine was originally developed. LS1 swaps can be applied to a wide variety of makes and models that contain GM’s well-known LS1 engine.

For more information about applying swap components and associated parts to the engine of your vehicle, call us today at (352) 241-8399, or use the Contact page on our website.