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Nissan 240sx Lighting

One of the most distinctive aspects of many tuner cars is the exterior lighting they feature. From functional, high-powered headlights to vanity lighting arrangements that include neon tubes, there are practically innumerable ways to make a vehicle appear highly customized through the installation of aftermarket lighting parts. Furthermore, applying aftermarket lighting components is also one of the least expensive ways to give a tuner vehicle a unique look that is all its own.

Enjuku Racing carries a wide selection of aftermarket lighting parts. For instance, if you’re looking for Nissan 240SX lighting, we offer a variety of 240SX tail lights and 240SX headlights to choose from. For many tuners, lighting is one of the final crowning touches applied to a vehicle to complete a customization project. If you are searching for exactly the right lighting components for your vehicle, the points below can help you make the right selection.

Get Lighting Made for Your Car

Tuners who have an advanced understanding of how vehicle lighting works are known for “hacking” lights that aren’t designed for their vehicle, making the lights work by applying a unique installation strategy. Unless you are one of these tuners, your best bet is to only use lights that are made for your car. Installing them will involve less hassle, and the lights should experience fewer problems.

Consider the Electricity Load of New Lighting

Your car’s current battery should easily carry the electricity load of most aftermarket Nissan 240SX lighting components. However, if you plan on installing lighting that uses significantly more wattage than the factory installed lighting, it’s a good idea to check the load rating on your battery. You may need to upgrade your battery to properly support high-wattage components.   

Consider Vehicle Lighting Regulations

Many states have statutes that regulate various aspects of vehicle construction, appearance and performance, from exhaust systems to exterior lighting. If you are installing lights that burn as bright or slightly brighter than your current lights, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you wish to install lights whose wattage is quite low or rather high, check to make sure the lighting is legal in your state

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Assistance

Installing aftermarket lighting isn’t as complex as installing some other types of aftermarket components, but it does require a basic understanding of your car’s electrical system, as well as what types of lighting would work best for different areas of the vehicle. If you need assistance regarding these issues or others, contact the parts specialists at Enjuku Racing.  

Ready to Customize Your Car Lights?

Most tuners want their vehicles to turn heads, and the best way to make it happen at night is to install unique, aftermarket lighting components. At Enjuku Racing, we carry a variety of aftermarket Nissan 240SX light fixtures for practically every area of light placement. If you need aftermarket lighting for another type of vehicle, we can help you by ordering what you need if we don’t have it in stock. Call us today at (352) 241-8399 to place your order!