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Nissan 240sx Intercoolers

When talking about tuner cars, many enthusiasts focus on engine performance -- particularly acceleration and torque -- and what components can be implemented to enhance these variables. However, because the more aggressively an engine performs, the more heat it generates, it’s important to counter the heat that performance parts produce with an intercooler that cools the engine. Without a high-quality intercooler in place, a high-performance engine could overheat.

Keeping it Cool

Enjuku Racing has intercoolers for different makes and models. For instance, if you need a new Nissan 240SX intercooler, you have come to the right place. If you need help choosing an intercooler, our parts specialists will help you choose the best one based on the following factors, among others.

Specific Model of Intercooler

Intercoolers come in different models, with air-to-air intercoolers and air-to-liquid intercoolers being the most popular. The former contain special tubes and fins inside them. The heat transfers into the fins and is absorbed by ambient air. The latter use a water mixture to remove the heat from ambient air that emanates from various components in the engine compartment.  

Engine Mounting Options

The type of intercooler you use can have a major impact on how it is mounted in the engine. Air-to-liquid intercoolers are generally smaller than air-to-air models, which makes them an excellent choice for small engine compartments. If the engine compartment is too small for even an air-to-liquid model, the intercooler can be hood mounted to conserve space under the hood.

Appearance of Intercooler

Intercoolers aren’t known for being the most attractive of auto components, but this is mainly because they are designed for functionality, with their task being one of the most important for engine operation. With that said, a custom Nissan 240SX intercooler, or any other type of intercooler, can be designed to provide excellent aesthetics when mounted on the hood.   

Maintenance Considerations

Most intercoolers are recommended to be cleaned every 10,000 to 15,000 miles to remain in top condition. So it is important to mount the hardware in a location where it can be cleaned without being removed, or can be easily removed for cleaning. There are several maintenance-friendly mounting options available, including front mounting, top mounting and side mounting.   

Car Engine Running Too Hot?

If so, it may be because the vehicle has an intercooler that doesn’t provide enough cooling capacity, or because the car simply lacks an intercooler. Engine overheating can be caused by various automotive problems, but when it comes to tuner cars that feature turbo drives and superchargers, intercoolers are one of the first areas of consideration when addressing the issue.  

For additional assistance in selecting a 240SX intercooler or any other intercooler, give us a call today at (352) 241-8399, or use the Contact page on our website.