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Nissan 240sx Intakes

Intakes (a.k.a. air intake manifolds) are the vehicular components responsible for supplying air to the engine of an automobile. Modern intakes have three primary components: an air filter, a mass flow sensor, and a throttle body. The parts work in unison to increase the velocity of air until it reaches the combustion chamber. Turbulence and restriction of airflow are minimized.

Riding on Air

One of the most popular applications for intakes is to apply aftermarket turbochargers and superchargers that provide pressurized air to the engine, and then to implement highly refined intake systems to boost performance. This is why some of the most high-performance sports cars have much of their frontal surface area designed for air intake.

We supply different air intakes for different vehicles, and our Nissan 240SX intakes are some of our favorites. If you are trying to decide whether to install additional intakes on your Nissan 240SX or another tuner vehicle, we can help you make the best decision concerning the considerations below, among others.

Choosing an Intake That Looks Good

When you see them installed on a car that is used as a stock image, intakes almost always look great. However, unless the car in the image is one you own, the intakes you see advertised may not be the best looking intake manifolds for your automobile. In terms of appearance, tuners should shop for air intakes that are designed for the make and model of their car.

Achieving the Desired Performance

In combination with turbo drives and superchargers, Nissan 240SX intakes can deliver a massive amount of performance over and above what you have previously enjoyed. However, for the sake of vehicle control and engine maintenance, it’s important to ask: How fast is too fast?

The goal is to achieve a certain level of performance, not increase performance without end.   

Amount of Space Under the Hood

The size of the intake system is naturally defined by the size of the engine compartment. However, with recent advancements in technology for intakes, it does not take a large engine compartment to house an intake system that dramatically increases performance. Nissan 240SX intakes are examples of how big performance upgrades can come in small packages.   

State and Municipal Regulations

Certain models of air intakes are prohibited by state laws and/or municipal regulations. For example, sealed intake manifolds are illegal in California due to environmental concerns. Before you choose a particular intake for your tuner vehicle, make sure it is legal in your state. Otherwise, you make have to swap out the part with another one without compensation.   

Need to Boost Your Car’s Performance?

At Enjuku Racing, we have 240SX intakes and so much more, guaranteed to make a major difference in how your car performs. Intakes are often paired with other aftermarket parts (e.g., turbo drives) to achieve a highly customized driving experience. If this is one of the goals of your tuner project, call us today at (352) 241-8399, or use the Contact page on our website. We look forward to supplying the parts you need to build your dream car!