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Nissan 240sx Flywheels

A flywheel is a rotating piece of equipment that is used to store rotational energy. The car engine delivers torque to the flywheel, which causes the component to build up stored energy and increases its rotational speed. The faster the flywheel rotates, the more energy it stores. Stored energy is released as torque that is delivered to the car’s mechanical load. Consequently, flywheels are commonly applied as aftermarket auto parts that increase driving performance.

Enjuku Racing provides a wide selection of flywheels for different vehicles, with supplying Nissan 240SX flywheels being one of our primary focuses. Applying a high-grade flywheel to your vehicle can make the automobile deliver a consistent amount of torque that increases driving performance. During the moments when torque is not applied to the flywheel, it releases stored energy as torque.

Choose a Flywheel That is Made for the Vehicle

The first step for choosing the right flywheel is to select one that is made for the vehicle you plan to customize. If you choose a product that isn’t designed for the automobile, it may not deliver the desired torque, cause other engine parts to wear prematurely, and be difficult, if not impossible, to install correctly.

Choose a Flywheel Made From the Right Material

A Nissan 240SX flywheel or a flywheel for a different vehicle is often made from aluminum or steel. Both materials have advantages. From a metallurgical perspective, steel contains more hardness and has a highly stable microstructure at high temperatures. However, aluminum is lighter than steel, and thus decreases the weight of a vehicle, making it easier to accelerate.

Choose a Flywheel That Delivers Enough Torque

Because the design of a flywheel impacts the torque it stores, it is important to choose a product that offers the residual torque output that you need to keep your vehicle zooming down the street. If you need assistance calculating the amount of residual torque output that you need, just contact the aftermarket auto parts specialists at Enjuku Racing.  

Ask for Assistance From an Auto Parts Specialist

If this is your first time installing a flywheel, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance choosing the right product for your customization plans. For the sake of finances and keeping the customization project on schedule, the goal is choose the right component on the first try. The parts specialists at Enjuku racing will help you do this.

For more information about a Nissan 240SX flywheel or a flywheel for a different vehicle, call us today at (352) 241-8399, or refer to the contact page on our website.