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Nissan 240sx Drivetrain

A drivetrain is a system of auto components that deliver power to a vehicle’s wheels. Due to its role in providing power for acceleration, the drivetrain is one of the most important vehicle systems, especially in cars that are customized with aftermarket parts to provide greater acceleration and speed. Enjuku Racing carries drivetrains for a wide variety of vehicles, with the Nissan 240SX drivetrain being one of the most popular models.

How to Choose the Right Drivetrain

If you’re ready to tune up your Nissan 240SX with aftermarket performance parts, selecting the right drivetrain should be a top priority, as it plays an essential role in how the car performs on the road. If this is your first time choosing a drivetrain for your car, consider the points below before you purchase the system.

Choose Upgrades or a Replacement

You can upgrade the drivetrain with aftermarket parts or replace the system. If you want to tweak the performance of the drivetrain, investing in components such as rear axle bar upgrades or a transmission return shifter spring kit may be the answer. If you wish to fully customize the drivetrain to provide a new level of performance, you should opt for a drivetrain replacement.   

Choose a Product Designed for Your Car    

Although drivetrains serve the same function in all vehicles, they aren’t manufactured as one-size-fits-all auto equipment. If you’re customizing a Nissan 240SX, this is why it’s important to choose a Nissan 240SX drivetrain that is designed for the vehicle. Otherwise, the system may fail to deliver the expected performance, lead to avoidable safety issues, or fail to work.

Choose Between Aluminum and Steel

A Nissan 240SX drivetrain can feature a steel driveshaft or an aluminum one. Due to the stable microstructure of the metal at high temperatures, steel is often preferred. However, when it comes to customizing a tuner car, aluminum has an advantage: it weighs less than steel and reduces the vehicle’s weight. For translating the maximum amount of horsepower to acceleration, a drivetrain with an aluminum driveshaft may work best.

Request the Help of a Parts Specialist

When you weigh your options for upgrading or replacing a Nissan 240SX drivetrain, you’ll find that you have several products to consider. If you aren’t sure whether to perform an upgrade or a replacement, or you aren’t sure which upgrade or replacement products to choose, contact the parts specialists at Enjuku Racing. Receiving professional guidance could make a major difference in how responsively and safely your drivetrain performs.

For assistance choosing a Nissan 240SX drivetrain, call us at (352) 241-8399, or visit the contact page on our website.