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Nissan 240sx Differential

A differential is a small piece of auto equipment that delivers power from the engine of car to the wheels. The engine transmits power to the transmission, which transmits power to the differential, which delivers power to the wheels, and makes the car accelerate. In most vehicles, a differential is the last stop that engine power makes before it delivers power to the wheels.

A differential looks simple from the exterior, but if you remove the part housing, you’ll find a variety of precision parts that work in unison to give tuner cars two of their most defining characteristics: great acceleration and speed. Enjuku Racing carries differentials for several types of vehicles, with the sporty Nissan 240SX being one of our specialties.

How to Choose the Right Differential

In terms of driving experience, the differential you use for the rear wheels of the Nissan 240SX has a major impact on how the car performs. The differential you install can also affect the appearance of the vehicle’s undercarriage. If you want to customize your Nissan 240SX to look unique from the ground up, appearance may be as important as performance. With these things in mind, we would like to offer some helpful pointers for choosing the right differential for your car.

Choose One That is Made for Your Vehicle

If you want to customize the performance of your Nissan 240SX by applying a new differential, choose a product that is designed for the vehicle. While all differentials serve the same basic purpose, they are specially designed for certain makes and models of vehicles. Installing a differential that isn’t designed for the Nissan 240SX could compromise driving performance, lead to internal damage, and create safety problems.

Choose One That Offers the Right Performance    

Choosing a differential that is designed for your vehicle is easy, but choosing one that delivers the right performance can be challenging for drivers who lack a proficient understanding of auto mechanics. For example, open differentials, locking differentials, limited slip differentials and manually controlled differentials each deliver a different driving experience. If you need help selecting the right model, contact the part specialists at Enjuku Racing.

Choose One That Offers the Desired Appearance

Like other tuner parts, a Nissan 240SX differential can have different appearances in terms of the part housing, from stainless steel to vibrant colors that are achieved through powder coating. If the appearance of your Nissan 240SX differential is important for the look of your car, and you can’t find a differential that looks appropriate, you can apply a specially colored differential cover.

Request the Help of a Parts Specialist

If you have questions about the type of Nissan 240SX differential you need, contact a parts specialist at Enjuku Racing. Our goal is to supply the tuner parts you need, and help your customization project run smoothly. This is why we serve as more than a parts supplier. We also serve as parts consultants that help you choose exactly the right components.   

For assistance choosing a Nissan 240SX differential or other differential, call us today at (352) 241-8399, or visit the contact page on our website.