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Nissan 240sx 2JZ/1JZ Swap

The reliability and performance quality of Toyota’s JZ engines make them a popular choice for engine swaps in tuner cars, in which the capacity of the existing engine is swapped out with the capacity of another engine by using aftermarket performance parts. The JZ engine family is comprised of 24-valve DOHC inline-6 automobile engines that served as a replacement for the automaker’s line of M-series inline-6 engines. The last JZ engine was assembled in 2007.

Although JZ engines are no longer in production, they are still popular with tuners who wish to customize vehicles from the inside out, starting with the engine compartment. Enjuku Racing carries several quality components for 240SX 2JZ swap projects and 240SX 1JZ swap projects, as providing tuner parts for the Nissan 240SX is one of our primary specialties. If you are ready to perform a 2JZ/1JZ Swap projecton this vehicle or another one, consider the points below.

Carefully Consider Engine Differences

Toyota’s JZ engines may come from the same family, but each engine offers something different than the next. Consequently, it’s important to take some time and study the characteristics of the engines to see which one really offers what you want in a tuner car engine. If you’ve come to the point of pursuing an engine swap using a JZ engine, you probably already know some things about this family of engines. Just be certain that your knowledge is adequate.

Count the Cost of Additional Components

Engine swap projects commonly involve the need to implement additional components to properly mount new equipment and accommodate performance requirements for the new engine. As you consider the cost of a 240SX 2JZ swap project or a 240sx 1JZ swap project, be sure to count the cost of additional parts that are required to make the project a success. If you aren’t sure what additional components you would need, contact Enjuku Racing today.

Solicit Experienced Advice, as Needed

In terms of electrical wiring and structural supports, engine swap projects can be some of the most involved aftermarket projects that tuners perform. For the sake of time and money, tuners should always solicit experienced advice as needed. Sometimes, the advice you need may be found in a tuner forum, but the best practice is to contact experienced aftermarket parts specialists who understand engine swapping. The parts specialists at Enjuku Racing are more than happy to assist.

Ready for a 2JZ/1JZ Swap?

If you are ready to perform a 240SX 1JZ swap or a 240SX 2JZ swap, Enjuku Racing is here to supply you with the parts and experienced advice you need to make your engine enhancement project a success. If you need assistance choosing the right components for your project or prioritizing its steps, just call one of our experienced aftermarket tuner parts specialists at (352) 241-8399, or refer to the Contact page on our website. We look forward to assisting you!