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Mini Cooper Performance Parts

BMW’s Mini Cooper got its start in 1959, when the British Motor Corporation (BMC) began manufacturing the Mini -- a compact economy car that was popular for its low price, excellent floorspace and superior gas mileage. BMC’s successors produced the Mini until 2000, when BMW officially overtook production and began producing Mini Cooper models that we are accustomed to seeing on U.S. roadways today, such as the recently designed, sporty Mini Cooper S.

Mini CooperMini Cooper S models can be purchased with a variety of factory-installed luxury features and engine performance technologies, but where factory options end is where aftermarket customization options begin. Your new Mini Cooper S may look sleek and perform well, but equipping it with aftermarket Mini Cooper S performance parts can give the car a more distinctive appearance and push its engine capabilities to the max.

Mini Cooper S Performance Parts

Mini Cooper S performance parts range from components that enhance aesthetics to components that boost engine performance, but the primary emphasis is on performance. In fact, some aesthetic upgrades for the Mini Cooper S also contribute to performance, such as parts that are applied to the vehicle body to create a more streamlined surface that experiences less wind resistance.

Mini CooperAt Enjuku Racing, we supply only the best parts for making aesthetic and performance upgrades to the Mini Cooper S - and our inventory is always expanding. If you would like to boost the original performance of your Mini Cooper and give it a sportier look that goes perfectly with the increased performance, we’ll supply all of the auto parts you need for the project.

Who Installs Our Parts?

Mini CooperOur parts are primarily installed by tuners, who “tune up” their vehicles to create automobiles that are highly original based on how they look and perform compared to standard models. Tuners often install thousands of dollars in aftermarket parts to create eye catching vehicles that burn up the road. It may sound like a lot of money to invest in a depreciable asset, but installing aftermarket vehicle customizations is one of the greatest passions of tuners.

Order Your Parts Today

If you've always dreamed of turning your Mini Cooper S into a high-performance sports car that looks the part, step one is purchasing Mini Cooper S performance parts for the first phase of the customization project. If you have questions about parts, please call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. If you already know what you need, simply select the parts and place an order. We look forward to helping you accomplish your tuner car project!