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Lexus GS300 98-05

The Lexus GS300 is a mid-size luxury car first produced in 1993. The model went through many iterations from its inception until 2006, after which it was replaced by the 350. Despite the many advancements that the Lexus GS series has introduced in the last decade, those classic 300 models remain extremely popular among car tuners. At Enjuku Racing, we have everything you need to upgrade your own GS300 with our wide range of Lexus GS300 performance parts.

GS300 Performance Parts 

Performance parts for the GS300 range from components that directly impact the automobile’s performance, such as brakes and camshafts, to parts that are designed to support performance, such as aerodynamic body kits and bucket seats. Enjuku Racing carries GS300 parts that can be applied to various places on the car to enhance a specific type of performance, or boost performance overall through the application of multiple parts. The installations are up to you.

We Support Tuner Projects

The Lexus GS300 is a fine automobile. In fact, some drivers might think you’re a little crazy for trying to “upgrade” the car, but they probably don’t understand the nature of car tuning. For most tuners, the goal of tuner car projects is to turn a relatively common automobile into one that is truly unique in terms of looks and performance. This is the type of driver we mainly serve.

We also commonly supply parts to drivers who simply want their GS300 to look or perform differently in a limited capacity, such as offering more torque and delivering better braking power. However, despite their limited scope, these measures are still “tune ups.” Our parts are primarily used for upgrades such as these, instead of replacements for maintaining standard performance.   

Why Choose Enjuku Racing?

There are many online sellers of Lexus GS300 performance parts, but we feel that our parts service stands out for three main reasons. First, we focus on quality over quantity, carefully choosing only the most reliable, stylish parts for our inventory. Second, we accept custom orders for impossible to find parts, which means there is literally no part we can’t supply. Third, we love to help tuners choose the right parts and the best approach for their projects.  

Order Your Parts Today

Whether you’re just starting to stock up on Lexus GS300 performance parts for your tuner car project, in the middle of the project and need more parts, or putting the finishing touches on your tuned up Lexus, we’ll supply the parts you need. If you need assistance selecting the best parts for your plans or help deciding which upgrade to perform next, please call our questions hotline at (352) 241-8399.   

We look forward to meeting all of your Lexus GS300 performance parts requirements!