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Founded in 1973, HKS is an initialism of its founders’ last names: Hasegawa, Kitagawa, and Sigma. Since its inception, the company has specialized in manufacturing aftermarket, high-performance auto parts. The exceptional quality of the parts has made HKS one of the most recognizable aftermarket brands in the automotive industry. HKS parts are designed to redefine driving performance. Enjuku Racing is proud to offer an extensive selection from HKS.

HKS Performance Parts

We supply a wide array of HKS performance parts for the following vehicle technologies: blowoff valves, electronics, engine, exhaust, fuel components, fuel management, intakes, intercoolers, meters, powertrain, suspension, turbos and wastegates. We also offer HKS apparel and accessories and non-standard HKS merchandise such as supercharger traction oil and electronic valve controllers. All products are designed and tested to impeccable standards.   

Who Implements HKS Parts?

HKS products are found in professional performance cars that participate in drag races, road races, rally races, and top speed trials. The parts are also a popular choice for tuner cars that are optimized to deliver top-notch performance and feature high-tech solutions for measuring and controlling performance metrics. Many dedicated HKS customers implement the company’s parts as components that support a full overhaul of driving performance from fender to fender.      

Are HKS Parts What You Need?

If you need performance parts for a car that will enter racing competitions or a tuner car that you’re customizing to offer race car level performance, the answer is yes. You can also use HKS products to upgrade a single aspect of your car’s operation, such as exhaust or powertrain, but the parts have the greatest impact when installed comprehensively, synergizing to offer the race car level driving experience that HKS parts are so famous for creating.      

Why Get Your Parts Here?

First and foremost, selection. We carry hundreds of parts from HKS for a broad range of makes and models. We’re also a great source for HKS products because we’ll place an order to the manufacturer to get parts you need if we don’t stock them. We can also help you select the right parts for your upgrade, as well as match competitors’ prices if the prices are better than ours. Thousands of drivers have made us their HKS parts source for these very reasons.   

Order Your Parts Today

If you know what you need, simply explore our inventory and order online. If you prefer to order by phone, please call (888) SR20DET. For parts questions or assistance selecting parts, dial our questions line at (352) 241-8399, or email us at We’re here to serve as your one-stop source for HKS performance parts. Visit our store and order today!