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Chevrolet LSx Performance Parts

GM Performance Parts unveiled Chevy’s LSX engine at the 2006 SEMA auto show. The engine is similar to the LS7 engine that preceded it, but the LSX features a new cast-iron racing block that was designed with the help of drag racing legend Warren Johnson. Officially considered an “aftermarket” engine by GM, the LSX still presents plenty of options for installing aftermarket LSX engine parts that further enhance the already sporty performance of the prized engine.

Chevrolet LSX Engine Parts   

Because LSX engines offer more performance than most Chevy engines that precede them, many drivers who want to tune up an LSX engine do it by applying strategic upgrade parts instead of performing a full-scale engine rebuild. That’s why tuner part suppliers tend to carry niche-based Chevrolet LSX engine parts and not comprehensive kits for engine rebuilding. For car tuners, the goal is often to tweak the engine to increase its performance in specific capacities.

LSX Engine Parts for Tuners

The vast majority of our LSX engine parts are used for vehicle customization projects that redefine the performance and/or looks of late Chevy LSX models in a major way. Because the LSX engine delivers aftermarket-inspired performance as a standard feature, the average driver finds no need to upgrade the engine, but tuners are a different customer demographic. They are interested in taking an already impressive LSX engine and pushing its capabilities to the max.

These are the types of customers who usually purchase our aftermarket LSX performance parts. If you want to transform your LSX engine into the king of the engine class, we can supply the parts that you need for the job, and provide strategic advice for the scope of your project.   

Why Make Us Your Supplier?

We can supply all of the parts you need for your project in three ways: providing parts that we already have in stock, ordering parts that we don’t have in stock direct from the manufacturer, and completing custom orders for parts that meet the unique requirements of your car customization project. In addition to providing helpful advice for customization issues, our ability to supply practically any part that is needed for the job makes us an invaluable parts supplier.   

Order LSX Engine Parts Today

If you enjoy the performance of your automobile’s LSX engine, but you want to see just how much the hardware offers when it’s upgraded for maximum performance, Enjuku Racing is your online source for receiving the parts you require. If you need technical advice, call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. If you are ready to buy, simply place your order from the convenience of our online store. Get the LSX performance parts you need today!