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BMW 3 Series Performance Parts


The BMW 3 Series is one of the longest running series of vehicle models in the automotive industry. Released commercially in 1975, vehicles in the 3 Series have a reputation for luxurious cabin appointments, high-tech control features and excellent performance under the hood. For many drivers, owning a BMW 3 Series vehicle is about more than just having a vehicle to go places. They are interested in owning the car long-term and upgrading it nicely as they do.

BMW 3 Series Performance Parts  

Thanks to the 3 Series’ long-running production, a multitude of performance parts have been created to upgrade vehicles in the series. From high-performance wheel accessories, to unique exhaust system options, to torque enhancing engine parts, the component options that you have for customizing 3 Series cars comprise one of the largest collections of aftermarket auto parts, giving you remarkable flexibility to create a unique 3 Series vehicle.  

Are Our Parts Right for Your Project?

Most of the BMW 3 Series performance parts we carry are purchased by tuners who have a comprehensive car customization project on tap -- a project that includes upgrades for both performance and appearance. However, considering the age of some of the older cars in the 3 series, our 3 Series performance parts are also purchased by BMW drivers who want to maintain their vehicles’ vintage performance that came standard from the manufacturer.

Why Order From Us and not Others?

Because we specialize in supplying aftermarket performance parts in an array of brands and performance capabilities, Enjuku Racing is the ideal destination for drivers who perform uncompromising tuner car projects. In serving tuners, we provide stock parts, non-stock parts that are ordered from manufacturers, and custom parts that meet unique needs. Our wide selection also caters to BMW purists who need parts to sustain standard performance when original parts wear out.

We carry BMW 3 Series performance parts for 3 Series vehicles whose production dates range from the early 1980s to the present. Whether your vehicle is vintage, cutting edge, or somewhere in between, there is almost no component we can’t supply to support your needs.

Order Your 3 Series Performance Parts

Whether you plan to fully customize your 3 Series car, perform a limited range of upgrades, or you simply need parts to maintain standard performance, we are your one-stop, online source for BMW 3 Series performance parts. If you advice about parts performance or parts selection, call our questions line at (352) 241-8399. If you’re ready to buy, order the parts you need straight from our website. Let us help you improve the performance of your BMW!