US Drift Round 2

20th Aug 2015

The USDrift Pro/AM series moved to Wall, NJ for round 2 of the 2015 season. Following  Formula D NJ, USDrift Round 2 had just under 30 drivers participate. The wet conditions made the driving a bit more interesting, as it continued to rain through the night after Formula D. 

New Jersey native Miro Ovcharik was able to come out on top after some fierce battles in his  240sx LS1 swap powered S13. Another noteworthy driver was Austin Meeks who not only took 2nd place behind Miro, but won the 'Most Impactful Entry' of the event award. 

USDrift RD2 Results:
1. Miro Ovcharik [NJ] – 116pts
2. Austin Meeks [SC] – 104pts
3. Fred Keogh [NY] – 94pts

USDrift 2015 Standings After One Round:
1. Jonathan Nerren [NC] – 203pts
2. Austin Meeks [SC] – 177pts
3. Fred Keogh [NY] – 176pts
4. Troy Manners [PA] – 153pts
5. David Bellomo [VA] – 133pts
6. Thomas Palmerino [MD] – 120pts
7. Miro Ovcharik [NJ] – 116pts
8. Mike Feiock [IN] – 92pts
9. Chris Cotrupi [NC] -89pts
10. Gorka Arrieta [VA] – 86pts