10 Essential Upgrades for Your Modified Nissan 240SX

9th Jun 2016

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If you love performance cars, you’ve probably wondered why so many Nissan 240SX owners have modified their cars. The Nissan 240SX is a sports car that was produced between 1989 and 1998. During that time, the car gained a reputation as a vehicle of choice for tuner car projects. That reputation is partly due to the vehicle’s relatively undistinguished looks, making it a blank canvas for applying cutting-edge, racing-inspired body parts.

This car has more to offer under the hood than on the exterior, but the car’s engine and associated systems are often a part of tuner projects, too.

Options for Nissan 240SX Upgrades

Aftermarket vehicle upgrades range from installing turbochargers and exhaust manifolds to implementing high-performance brakes. The Nissan 240SX upgrades you make are up to you, but if your goal is to make the car perform like a racer, certain upgrades should take precedence over others. If you envision a safe and speedy driving experience from your modified Nissan 240SX, below are the top upgrades and 240SX aftermarket parts that can make it a reality.

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1. Turbocharger

Dropping a turbocharger in the engine of your 240SX can give it the accelerating power you have always wanted for passing vehicles on the highway and speeding down remote roads to test the engine’s power. A turbocharger is one of the most significant aftermarket investments you can make, but nothing delivers additional power and torque quite like turbo.

2. Wastegate

wastegate protects the turbocharger and the engine by regulating maximum boost pressure in the turbocharger system. If a turbocharger will be one of your Nissan 240SX upgrades and you want to use the turbocharger to the max without potentially damaging the charger or the engine that it boosts, implementing a high-quality wastegate from Enjuku Racing is an excellent choice for your modified Nissan 240SX.

3. Turbo Manifold

If a turbocharger is among your Nissan 240SX upgrades, it should be followed quickly by a turbo manifold — a device that’s specially designed to move exhaust gases away from the turbo system to prevent them from building up and causing warping or ruptures in the turbocharger. Make sure you choose a turbo exhaust manifold that is designed for the turbo drive.

4. Boost Controller

A boost controller moderates the boost level that the intake manifold of a turbocharged engine produces. The device works by adjusting the air pressure that is delivered to the pneumatic / mechanical wastegate actuator. Boost controllers can be factory-installed as a part of the engine management system, included in the dash as a manual control switch, or installed as an aftermarket upgrade for your modified Nissan 240SX.

5. Steering Wheel

As simple as it sounds, a steering wheel with a reliable grip is also an essential Nissan 240SX upgrade, especially when you increase the driving power of the car with a turbocharger and associated products. Each year, hands slipping on the steering wheel are responsible for hundreds of serious auto accidents. If you’ll be driving your Nissan anywhere near racing speeds, you need a steering wheel you can hold.

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6. New Brakes

If you upgrade the horsepower and torque of your 240SX, you should ideally fit it with brakes that are designed to bring the car easily to a halt as it travels at high speeds. Having the wrong brakes for a high-performance car can be like having the wrong tires. When you try to stop your modified Nissan 240SX, you can continue to dangerously skid forward or fishtail into other lanes of traffic.

7. Flywheel

flywheel holds energy. The application of torque transfers energy to the device and increases its rotational speed, thus increasing its stored energy. The flywheel releases energy by delivering torque to a mechanical load, thus decreasing its rotational speed. Including a high-performance flywheel among your Nissan 240SX upgrades can improve driving power.

8. Roll Cage

Roll cages come in different configurations. Some roll cages only protect the nose of the automobile. Others essentially encapsulate the vehicle, in order to provide the ultimate level of protection should the car turn on its side and roll. A roll cage that encapsulates the car can be installed on the interior where it isn’t seen and provides protection for rolls from sharp turns.

9. Gauges

If your modified Nissan 240SX upgrades include tuning up the engine to offer significantly more performance, you may want to monitor the temperature of certain engine reservoirs by installing gauges in your dash that connect to them. Check engine lights help reveal overheated reservoirs, but high-quality gauges that give exact temperature readings work best.

10. Wiring Harnesses

If you plan on driving your customized Nissan 240SX like a racer, you should probably apply wiring harnesses to protect wires in the engine compartment from becoming loose and dangling, so that they won’t catch on moving components and sever. Wiring harnesses are typically some of the least expensive of all the upgrades you can make on a modified Nissan 240SX.

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