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The science of oil slosh, from the experts at Canton Racing.

5th Dec 2017

A lot of what happens in a motor is difficult to see. When a motor is running everything on the bottom end is closed up and hidden from view. This makes issues really difficult to pinpoint. In these c … read more

Tomei's Ultimate KA24DET Guide 2017

Posted by on 27th Feb 2017

Tomei Expreme Turbo Manifold for KA24DET on for $531 Tomei Arms Turbocharger Kit M7960 on … read more
The Banana

The Banana

Posted by Ramon on 17th Jan 2017

My best friend was the original owner of the Banana. His dream was to build a JDM car that could take on a V8, not only that it was just as fast but also fancy. When my friend builds a car he takes … read more

Project G35 : Track Day

12th Jan 2017

We wrapped up the installation of our new Kaaz Super Q 1.5 way differential on our G and buttoned up a few other maintenance items and decided it was time to hit the track and test out our new mods!Af … read more

Tech Doc: G35/350z Differential Removal

29th Dec 2016

We've been making some headway on our G35 project and wanted to document some of the modifications we've done and do some quick write ups to hopefully save you guys a bit of time and headache!Here is … read more