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Wiring Specialties RB25DET Pre-Made Swap Harness Nissan 240sx S13

5 Star Rating

Buy in bulk and save


This Wiring Specialties Pre-Made Harness COMBO includes the ENGINE and TRANSMISSION harnesses for the RB25DET installed in a S13 240sx. Replace both harnesses with brand new ones and save time and money!


Engine: R33/Stagea RB25DET
- Any RB25DET from 1994-1997 Skyline GTS-T
- Any RB25DET from Nissan Stagea
- Supports Series 1 and Series 2 engines
- Only supports engines running a manual transmission

Chassis: S13 240SX

- Any S13 240sx manufactured in 1989-1994 (Including the Convertible and ABS cars)
- Transmission Harness supports 5-speed and Auto to 5-speed conversions

Engine and Transmission Harnesses Feature:

- Brand new wiring and connectors
- Each Engine harness contains the S1 and S2 MAFS connectors
- Replaces the OEM engine harness entirely
- INCLUDES ABS wiring for any S13 240sx
- Support the OEM Consult port (DOHC models and up)
- Installs in 15 minutes
- Improved ECU grounding
- OEM connector specs (no cheap aftermarket connectors that fall apart)
- Designed for a factory-like installation and fit and finish for the S13 240sx
- Retains OEM wiper functionality
- Retains Cruise Control and all gauge functions
- Works with the Greddy/Freddy intake manifolds
- All A/C, Temp override, Auto On/Off functions properly
- OEM wiring connections and 'T' junctions. No soldered connections at all
- Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement
- Requires RB25DET/S13 Speed Sensors
- Transmission Harness supports 5-speed and Auto to 5-speed conversions
- Will improve engine performance through better grounding and power wiring
- Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee


We HIGHLY Recommend purchasing new injector and coil pack sub harnesses, most OEM sub-harnesses are worn from use over years and sometimes will not work properly, dont waste valuable time trying to diagnose and fix wiring problems from your old factory harnesses.


  1. Highly Recommended

    Posted by Unknown on

    I was doing the wiring swap on my own but couldn't get the car to idle. So i decided to buy this harness it installed extremely fast you couldn't screw it up. Just about everything worked properly but my tach is off just because a KA tach can't read a Coil on plug signal properly. I would recommend this to anyone.

  2. life saver

    Posted by Justin Meshell on

    the harness was a complet life saver as well as time. i had thought about just combinding my s13 harness with the with the rb25det harness. but i feared that i would fry my ecu. so i found the wiring specialties harness. just plug and play! i got it all hooked up put a little gas in the tank primed the gas system and shure enough it fired right up and held at 1,000 rpm. reverce lites, fule pump, mph tach everything worked GREAT there was no wireing problom at all!!! SO THANKS GUYS!!!! i will be puting the word out there that WIRING SPECIALTIIES IS THE WAY TO GO!

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